You Can Buy Warcraft Branded Beer In China

Of course you can. Sadly, the beer does not taste like Orc. [Image: Revat | Collectors Society]

Tsingtao Beer has teamed up with Legendary Pictures to release Warcraft emblazoned beer to help promote the film.

Over on the Collectors Society, forum member Revat was apparently in China recently and snapped a photo (above) of this special Warcraft beer set.

Here's what it looks like inside:

[Image: nbcoke | Ebay]

As The Beijinger explains, this is Tsingtao's classic 1903 canned beer with Warcraft slapped on it. Available for a limited time only.

[Image via The Beijinger]


    Sadly, the beer does not taste like Orc.

    How do you know?

    I wonder how Orc beer would taste. Like, what kinda styles would an Orc prefer?
    Not sure beer would be their jam actually. I can see them skulling mead or something like that.

    Stormstout brew!!!

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