2K Discounts Battleborn Even More In The Latest Humble Bundle

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The world of video games is a tough business, and for those working on Battleborn I can't imagine it's been particularly kind. Gearbox's latest MOBA-esque shooter didn't get the most glowing reception, and its player base has shrunk at a startling rate.

Perhaps in a bid to try and revive the game's flagging popularity, 2K has given Battleborn its biggest discount yet — by way of a Humble Bundle. And there are plenty of other solid games available as well too.

There's three tiers for this latest Humble Bundle, and around this time next week 2K will add some extra games to the second tier. If you want to check the whole listing out for yourself, here's the link. Let's get stuck in.

Tier 1: Pay $US1 or more to unlock

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  • The Darkness II
  • Spec Ops: The Line
  • Duke Nukem Forever

For less than a coffee, this is a pretty good trio. I'm not going to pretend that Duke Nukem Forever is amazing, but you'd have to be exceptionally cynical or jaded not to be able to get some laughs out of it — even at the game's own expense — for $US1.

Spec Ops: The Line is worth a playthrough as well. The way the story folds out, and how you're able to make choices without being immediately prompted to do so, is something I'd like to see more games do. As for The Darkness 2, Luke wasn't a fan — but then for a game that lasts only a few hours, $US1 isn't a bad investment. (OR $US0.33, if you think of it that way.)

Tier 2: Pay more than the average

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Given that NBA 2K16 was just discounted to $US13.99 in the recent Steam sale, seeing it here for half that is pretty remarkable. Note that the average was $US7.17 at the time of writing, and will probably be slightly higher by the time you read this.

  • Sid Meier's Civilization V
  • NBA 2K16
  • Mafia 2: Digital Deluxe Edition
  • Battleborn Summer Skins Pack
  • More games to be announced

Most people will have picked up Civ 5 already, but if you haven't now is a pretty good time. As for sports fans, under $10 is a perfect time to see what the NBA 2K series is all about. The presentation is as good as ever, even if the Spike Lee story turns the career mode into a bit of a garbage fire. Mafia 2 is kind of like the bonus prize here. It's a fun open-world romp, although it might be a little slow for some.

This is also the tier you'll have to pay for if you want any extras that 2K decides to give away. Their back catalogue is enormous, so it could be something like the GOTY version of Borderlands 2 (wouldn't be surprising, given the third tier), BioShock Infinite, or even The Bureau: XCOM Declassified.

BioShock and XCOM would be a nice pair. But we'll see next week.

Tier 3: Pay $US15 or more

  • Battleborn
  • Battleborn Premium Currency
  • Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
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The big discount here: Battleborn, which is still selling for $US69.95 on Steam (for Australians). Given that the game received a 40% discount less than a month after its release, it's not exactly a vote of confidence. But considering everything else you get for your $US15, it's not a bad deal.

It certainly wouldn't be worth it without Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, which may very well be the last AAA game made in Australia for a long, long time. It's certainly worth it if you're a Borderlands fan, although the game doesn't do anything that will convert people who were on the fence about Borderlands 2. But you'll know whether you were in that camp or not.

So that's the latest Humble Bundle, which has some pretty sweet deals in there.


    I like the presequel for the Australianisms but the borderlands gunplay just wasn't that much fun this time around.

      Oh man im so the opposite, i played presequel a while ago and then just the other day decided to start another play through of borderlands 1 and holy moly i cant stand not having the low gravity, boosts, and ground smash, everything just feels so slow and boring without them.

        Those were great features. I meant the firing of weapons just didn't feel different. Like they still had be weight or were any different from the last two games.

          Yeah i get what you mean but even though the shooting was pretty much the same i still had fun because i would just boost up as high as i could and just shoot as many as i could while coming down, i played on normal difficulty when i normally would have been on slightly higher but it was just fun bouncing around with the gravity powers while shooting the enemies.

          But seeing as there wont be any gravity powers (im guessing) for borderlands 3 whenever it comes out i do hope they think of some way to change up the combat a little from how it was in 1 and 2

    Yeah Great Value. I would get this if I didn't already have Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

    my biggest gaming regret in years. Loved the beta but there was just something underwhelming on launch. The multilayer was such an unfair and unfun thing. Sure some days in Destiny and Overwatch, you can have good days and bad and some games where it all just feels broken. But it still feels fun and balanced ultimately. Battleborn, however, I never felt that. It all just felt lopsided.

      I tried to get in games before and after work the week of launch. Each time I spent more time in matchmaking than I did in-game. A few times I'd launch the game, sit at match-making for too long and then realise it was getting to the point where I wouldn't have the time for a game before I had to head off to work of I was just getting tired and went to bed instead.

      Good luck to anyone trying to find a match now. Especially a fair one. Back when I did get games it would be very one-sided. People level 30-60 on one side against a few level 3-8 players.

    Surely if you wait a few more months you'll be able to get Battleborn for free though.

    I've heard BB's singleplayer/coop campaign is actually pretty fun, but have no desire to play the multiplayer, so have been waiting for a good discount. $15 is just about right, methinks.

      Having played the game since closed technical, I can honestly say that $15 for the coop/single player right now is no doubt the best price so far.
      I wont say it's the absolute best price as add DLC missions and you got more cost, but if you were wondering about picking it up before, but that $60/$40 price tag was putting you off, then grab it now - you'll be better off than most of us even if it does go F2P in the future.
      If it doesn't? Well with even more players to test, maybe Gearbox will actually start listening to ALL of its player base.

      I've been reading up on it for the same reason. Sounds like it's pretty short and sadly needs an always on internet connection. Why oh why do developers insist on this for single player :(

      The rest of the package doesn't sound bad, pity I bought Duke Forever when it first released at full price, only to discover it made me sick (literally not figuratively).

    This bundle looks pretty good already, it'll be interesting to see what else they add in a week's time.

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