$300 Statue Of Metal Gear Solid V's Venom Snake Includes Cute Puppy


    The clothing and pieces are decent but the skin, face etc are terrible. The hair alone looks like it was just roughly carved out of clay... yuck. I'd expect *far* better for that sort of price.

    Last edited 11/07/16 10:36 pm

      The skin and hair do look rough. However things can change from prototype to production. For instance the Venom Snake from Hdge Technical ended up quite superior to the prototype photos. I've the Big Boss and Raiden from Gecco, and both of those are great quality.

      But yeah for that kind of cash I really do hope they fix that up...

    How I interpreted the header:
    "$300 Statue Of Cute Puppy Includes Metal Gear Solid V's Venom Snake "

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