A Different Kind Of Sexy Metal Gear Cosplay

Real talk: Metal Gear Solid V's Quiet is a very sexy video game character, one (reportedly) designed specifically to encourage cosplay. Well, ask and ye shall receive, Mr Kojima. Most of the Quiet cosplay we've seen over the past couple of years has been pretty straight-up. So well played, Patrick Kennedy, for switching things up with this killer genderbent take on the character.

Photos by What A Big Camera.


    Seriously now, I can't help but feel there should've been a male AND female sniper team in MGS TPP with Quiets powers, maybe called "Quiet" and "Tranquil" because quite frankly, he looks pretty fucking cool.

    I thought he was wearing hot pants from the thumbnail.

    I am let down :(

    Good on him, creative take.

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