A Most Famous Naruto Unmasking In Anime Form

Last year, Kakashi showed what was under his mask in the Naruto manga. Now, we get another look at his face in the anime. [Image Anicobin via TV Tokyo]

Warning: This article contains spoilers.

As previously reported, in an interview with Shonen Jump (via Saiyan Island), Naruto creator Masashi Kishimoto was asked if he was finally going to show the character's full face.

"I want to reveal it," Kishimoto replied. "I'm just not sure yet on how I'll do it. It might be done in the manga or maybe in an upcoming anime movie, but there is nothing planned as of yet."

[Image Anicobin via TV Tokyo]

In the most recent episode of Naruto Shippuden, Kakashi disguises himself as a photographer who is out to take a photo of the masked ninja's face. (The following images are from Anicobin.)

[Image Anicobin via TV Tokyo]

Like so.

The purple face make up was more than to throw everyone off, though. Even though, he says he used to be a ninja.

[Image Anicobin via TV Tokyo]

And is really tall like Kakashi.

[Image Anicobin via TV Tokyo]

He did pull it off, because he spoke with a different voice.

[Image Anicobin via TV Tokyo]

He wore fake contacts.

[Image Anicobin via TV Tokyo]

And a wig.

[Image Anicobin via TV Tokyo]

And the purple make up covered his iconic scar.

[Image Anicobin via TV Tokyo]

Here is unmasked Kakashi.

[Image Anicobin via TV Tokyo]

And now, buck-naked Kakashi in the shower.

[Image Anicobin via TV Tokyo]

Ladies and gents, Kakashi Hatake.

[Image Anicobin via TV Tokyo]


    So he looks like a generic anime guy.

      Dammit! I was expecting him to look butt-ugly!!!


      He was supposed to be a REALLY HANDSOME generic anime guy.

      What a rip.

    So my thought is that he wears the mask as he's self-conscious about that mole? either that or he's just "2edgy4me"

    Is he blind in one eye, or does he just prefer to not have binocular vision?

      He has a magic left eye that steals ninja techniques, he keeps it covered because using it is exhausting, and I feel terrible knowing that I still know this.

    i only recently started watching the naruto series, and only a week and a bit ago i watched the filler episode where naruto and co tried to get his mask of, but when they finally decided to ask him to take it of he did and below was another mask. lol.

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