A Stranger Things Video Game Is A Very Good Idea

Stranger Things is great. I think everyone has kinda established that by now. It's sharply written, has a perfectly executed 80s aesthetic and -- best of all -- has some incredible characters.


Another cool thing about Stranger Things: it takes inspiration from video games, most obviously Silent Hill.

But now we need the inspiration to flow both ways. We need a Stranger Things video game.

And people are making mock-ups. Maybe it could fully embrace the 80s theme and have it be like this...

But this would probably be my preference: a Lucasarts style point and click adventure. Yes please.

I would probably play both. I also like the idea of a Telltale Game Stranger Things.

Make this happen please.


    I can't find a code in this, has anyone else? ^_-

      Next puzzle is tomorrow. Look out for the copy-pasted text box detailing Stranger Things - that's when you know the article is related to the giveaway.

    I bet it's overrated like the show. Is it really strange if everything in that show has been done before?

    Jesus, that sponsored content can get stuffed, Kotaku...

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