Adobe: Team Mystic Is The Biggest Pokemon GO Team On Social Media

Adobe: Team Mystic Is The Biggest Pokemon GO Team On Social Media
Image: Adobe

Given that everyone else has jumped on board the Pokemon GO train one way or another, it’s not hugely surprising that Adobe has something to say on the subject. But the fun part is that it’s Adobe’s social insights team that is providing the commentary, and they have some data on the most popular Pokemon GO team.

According to a post on their digital marketing blog from Joe Martin, the company’s head of social insights, Team Mystic is handily the most popular colour — at least when it comes to being mentioned on social media.

The figures mirror a poll ran by our Kotaku brethren in the US, who found that out of 37.62% of just over 100,000 respondents were representing Team Mystic. Mystic was well ahead of the next closest team, Valor, which pulled just under 30% of the total vote.

Image: Kotaku

As a representative of the lowly Team Instinct, I’d like to kindly ignore all of these results and continue proclaiming that yellow is, in fact, the best. And if the thing about legendary flying Pokemon happens to be true — in that Articuno, Moltres and Zapdos are only available to their representative teams — then I’m more than happy with my choice.


  • pffft….Team Mystic scrubs. Team Valor and I have one thing for those guys… a special CP10 Magikarp I renamed to “So Salty” to leave flopping around on their crushed gyms (and dreams).

    mwahahahahahahahaaaa 😀

    • Typical stupid Valor, you can’t other people can’t see your nicknames for yoir Pokemon

    • Don’t mean to burst your bubble but, you can no longer see what other people’s Pokemon have been nicknamed on Gyms, only your own.

      • Really? Well that sucks!

        I can see the point there though. Imagine some of the horrible things they might call them. Those poor kiddies…

        • Yeah…. You should of seen what I named my Tentacruel and Victreebel… Disappointed. My Ex will never see the Starmie I named after her either and nor will anyone see my Rhydon called John Deere.

  • Yeah I don’t get it, Zapdos is clearly the beastliest of all legendary birds from Gen1 😀

  • They (‘the wizards’) say that about 2/3 of people call blue their favourite colour, so it’s not super surprising.

    Now we just need to keep an eye out for those sneaky invisible Greens. Typical Slytherin, working from the shadows…

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