ALDI Has The Best Xbox One Deal You’ll See For A While

ALDI Has The Best Xbox One Deal You’ll See For A While
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This headline is not a joke. ALDI. The budget supermarket, which is great for $8 pre-marinated pork sirloins, $5 bottles of wine for cooking and litre jugs of custard so cheap it represents a severe risk to my health, has the best Xbox One deal you’ll see for a while.

Actually, it might be the best Xbox One deal there has ever been.

It’s only available this Saturday, but if you have a local store with enough stock you’ll be able to pick up a 500GB refurbished Xbox One console with a controller, headset and copy of Rise of the Tomb Raider.

For $279.

Let’s put that in context for a second.

The cheapest Xbox One bundle from EB Games will set you back $398. You can get a 1TB console for your troubles, but it’s arguable whether a game like The Division or a bundle with Gears of War and Ori of the Blind Forest is a better deal than Rise of the Tomb Raider.

At JB Hi-Fi, you can pick up a 500GB console for $389 with a copy of The Witcher 3 and Gears of War. That’s not a bad deal.

Then again, you could just take up ALDI’s offer for $279, buy a copy of The Witcher 3 for $49 from JB, buy GTA 5 or Far Cry Primal from EB for $50, and you’re miles ahead.

Blimey. Just don’t forget ALDI’s fine print: stocks are limited and limited to each store. If one runs out, you’ll have to physically jet over to another.

But if you’re lucky, your local store might even have a good deal on a portable hard drive too.


  • I’ll be giving away my Xbox One for $1 just to contradict the headline. If you want it meet me behind the bushes at Hyde Park Park.

    • I don’t know, I’ve seen some for 50c from some pretty reputable people that hang out behind the bushes of Belmore Park. I don’t suppose you price match?

  • What does “refurbished” mean exactly? Was it borked out of the box and returned for repair? Did someone just change their mind and return it? Dunno but for me it just says 2nd hand.

    • I would assume that it means 2nd hand, but then one wonders how aldi managed to get a pile of second hand Xbones.

    • typically means its been returned and reboxed after at least being formated back to factory settings. Worse case is it has gone back to Microsoft for repair and they have replaced parts and sent the item back as a refurbished model.

      You can get some great deals with refurbished electronics, but yea they arent brand new, though sometimes discontinued SKU’s end up in refurbished sales.

  • Does ALDI mean refurbished as in squirt-squirt-rub-rub, or sent somewhere to make sure all the parts are tested and working.

    • Personally, I think it doesn’t matter. The fact it’s a refurb and not a new unit makes the deal over priced.

  • I picked up an XBox One last weekend, replacing my original PS3. Nice unit and I finally get to play RDR on my PC (though the streaming feature ….. needs m/k support though).

    It took a while to get used to the interface though; if you’ve never used an Xbox before, there are a few key features that are not very well explained (like how to get back to the home screen). Once you know what your doing, it’s all good.

    • The interface is terrible to be honest, its a hodge podge and no where near as slick as the 360’s interface ended up being. Give it time, Microsoft like to update the ‘experience’ or UI on a yearly to two yearly time frame.

  • If had the cash would grab it but might just wait for the S model after August.

    It’s just so far there aren’t any XBox exclusive games that I feel are *must play* for me & can’t justify buying another console just for the sake of owning it at the moment.

    • Then consider not buying one at all if you have a pc capable of playing games, because pretty much all Xbox One ‘exclusives’ are going to end up on windows as well….

  • These seems like a pretty bad deal for a 2nd hand 500gb unit.

    Target had all 1tb bundles for $299 3 weeks ago
    EB had 1tb console + 4 games for $328 3 weeks ago
    JB had 1tb nudle with Halo 5 and Qunatum Break for $349 3 weeks ago.

    All the stock left on the old 500gb and 1tb consoles will go on sale soonish, since the new model is 2 weeks away

  • The 1TB console comes with the redesigned controller with headphone port built into it doesn’t it? The 500GB refurb consoles probably have the old design Xbox One controller.

  • Problem with Aldi’s $5 bottles of wine is that they’re far superior than the $5 bottles of wine the retailer I work for sells. All you’d do with those is use them for cooking, maybe..

  • Cheapest way to own an xbox one right now but honestly spend the extra $100 and get brand new 1GB with 2 half decent games from eb or jb … or wait 2-3 weeks for Xbox one s to come out and you’ll see old xbox ones traded in increasing the chance of even better deals or bundles available. I also think ps4 is getting cheaper too as they’ll have ps 4.5 neo probably come out in September and as much as i hate to bring up the old argument… ps is starting to pull away from xbo to the point xbo will only be useful for title exclusives and some Microsoft enduced produced os exclusive etc. Honestly unless you live in denial or xbo fan boy… if ps4 had the xbo controller or better ergonomics xbo would just become recycled plastic

  • Good luck buying one. Aldi will ahve about 2 in each store if you are lucky. Just a scam to get peiple into their stores. Aldi do this all the time.

  • That’s not a great deal at all. If you buy it and then 2 games for $50 each you are only $10 ahead compared with the JB bundle. Save $10 for a refurb machine? No way!

  • $249 now with Earphones & 1 game @ Aldi.
    Just got EB to price match and picked up Gears of War Ultimate edition & a India game thrown in.

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