All The Current Options For Buying An Xbox One S

The sleek-looking Xbox One S starts shipping next week, but if you want one, you may want to hold off. More options will be available later thanks to a new set of bundles Microsoft announced today. Here's a quick breakdown:

2TB hard-drive ($549) - This is the highest-end version, available August 2. Doesn't come with anything special — just the Xbox One S. Alternatively, for $50 more, you can get it in the Gears of War 4 Limited Edition bundle ($599), which comes with Gears of War 4: Ultimate Edition and the entire Xbox 360 Gears of War collection. You'll have to wait a little longer though - the bundle starts shipping on October 7.

1TB hard-drive ($499) - At this price you can pick up the Halo bundle (which comes with Halo 5: Guardians and Halo: The Master Chief Collection). This bundle starts shipping on August 23.

500GB hard-drive ($399) - This is the lowest-end model, and right now it's only available as part of the Halo collection bundle. It's also out on August 23.

Hope that helps.


    Like others, I think I'll wait for the beefed up revision to come out.

    I'll wait for reviews on noise. Not buying a 4k media upgraded console if it's louder. Plus, white, eew.

    I would love to wait for the revision next year, but i would rather not having the massive eye sore currently in my shelf.

    Last edited 27/07/16 8:38 am

    Yeah... waiting for the black one, that white console really would look quite ugly in the nice AV cabinet with all the other nice looking gear...

      I prefer the clean white look over the dusty black look :P

      Also helps that my tv unit is black and white.

    I'm holding off till I see reviews on what the upscaling is like and how well it performs as a UHD player. Might get one early next year.

    Will wait for any decent games on the system to come out that are Xbone exclusive.

    Need to know day one deals JB BigW HN will do etc

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