Amiibo Support Arrives In Animal Crossing: New Leaf This Spring

After a year of fumbling about in Amiibo Festival and Happy Home Designer, Animal Crossing Amiibo figures and cards are finally making it into the main event. Four years after its initial release, Animal Crossing: New Leaf is getting Amiibo support. Image via Famitsu

According to a post on the official Japanese Animal Crossing website, a major update coming in November will allow players to use Amiibo figures to unlock new content for New Leaf, including themed items from other Nintendo properties.

I really need to go grab the Squid Sisters.

Animal Crossing Amiibo cards can be tapped to summon characters from those cards into the game, like Angry White Squirrel, who surely has a name other than that but damn if I can remember it.

The update has only been announced for Japan, but a Western release is as likely as Nintendo's desire to sell more Amiibo things.


    I never recovered after playing the ds version for an ungodly amount of time, but I'd be pretty happy with this update if I was down with new leaf.

    My bajillion hour save of my New Leaf town didn't cross over properly when I did a system transfer. This probably won't inspire me to make a return to the game but gee the game has some legs.

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