An Actually Quite Good Fallout Fan Film

Remember Fallout: Lanius?

It was made around three years ago and it was really good! Probably the only truly cool Fallout fan film.

Until now.

So this is Fallout: Revelation and it's pretty good. Fan films based on video games are normally pretty grim, especially when they take themselves too seriously and get all bloated and whatnot. This fan film does take itself somewhat seriously, but also somehow manages to not be terrible.

It's the first of a three-part 'pilot'. I might actually end up watching the rest of this thing.


    The Book of Eli is a pretty good Fallout film too

      What the? Maybe if Kirk Cameron made Fallout....

      2009's The Road is much closer to Fallout minus the nuclear war (especially the cannibals). In fact the book is outstanding and actually made me cry.

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