And Now, Some Overwatch Haiku

Reader Evan only plays Overwatch as Lucio. Which he finds super frustrating, so to make himself feel better he wrote some haiku and sent it in.

Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Audio medic!
Guys we really need a tank.
I see. Three Genjis.

Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Lonely Lucio
Capturing the point himself
Junkrat blows him up

Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Attackers scatter
Like leaves in an autumn wind
Feel that healing beat?

Image: Overwatch Wiki

Hey look at this team!
Flying high above Lijiang
We're gonna do gr —

Love it. And as a Mercy player, I feel your pain, man.


    It's all part of the fun. I make sure to give all the characters more or less equal time. It helps get used to playing them all and also helps in countering them all. It also keeps things fresh. Instead of having 100+ hours on one character, I've got ~5-7 hours on each one.

    Good Haiku.
    However people who refuse to play anything but one hero don't get to complain about team comp.

    These are great, especially the three genjis one.

    What about:

    Garden at Lijang
    Wall run over the crevasse
    Environment kill

    Bad Kotaku
    Must be a slow news day
    Clicked anyway

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