Anime Expo's Cosplay Was Fantastic

Los Angeles' Anime Expo is one of the biggest cons on the calendar, with this year's show drawing over 100,000 guests. So, yes, there was some very good cosplay there. Photographer Mineralblu was there taking shots, and below you'll find some of his best, including a video that shows most of these in action. You can see more at his Anime Expo gallery.

Note: I've included as many credits as I could, but if you recognise/are any of the uncredited cosplayers below, let me know so I can add!

Cosplay by Chris Villain

Cosplay by Haiden Hazard

Cosplay by Meagan Cosplay

Cosplay by Vivid Vision, Kadu=Out, Mandee Sim & Monica Huynh

Cosplay by Ladee Danger

Cosplay by Saylum Croft

Cosplay by Lisa Lou Who

Cosplay by Puns and Needles Cosplay

Cosplay by Pigtails and Power Tools Cosplay Creations

Cosplay by Dawn Zillie

Cosplay by Jelfish

Cosplay by WhiteDesertSun

Cosplay by Amie Lynn


    This page loaded so slowly I actually check for outage notices while it was going because it was so slow. Then I realised you'd embedded 140mb of jpgs.

    Seriously, cosplay is cool and all, but I don't actually need any of these in high enough resolution to print billboards.

    OK the only and most important question from this should be "Where the HELL did he get regular Mountain Dew?????!?!!?" so sick of that energize garbage.

      Pretty easy considering this took place in the US, MT Energised is exclusive to Aus.

    Thumbnails, please? This kinds of pages are basically bringing back the term "bandwidth killer"; a term used on pages with so much content it made their loading impossible on dialup connections.

    I have 16 GB of RAM and a Intel 6400K Quad Core yet these pages still gag Chrome when viewed.

      This seems to happen quite regularly. I'm not sure whether there's a recurring bug that keeps breaking the thumbnail code or whether it's just that they've never actually put in thumbnail logic. It's one of those "quirks" of the import process from the American site.

    So a generic cheap little black dress and a headband = cosplay? Come on, she hasn't even done anything special with makeup.

      I want my 11.7 Megabytes back. For a JPG, what the hell?

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