At A Tokyo Mud Bar You Sit In Mud And Drink

It's all rather self-explanatory. This is the Gata Bar. It just opened in Tokyo's Aoyama for a limited time. The bar features mineral-rich clay from Saga Prefecture, which holds a mud Olympics during the summer so locals can have fun and cool down.

[Image: afromance]

[Image: gatagoro]

The bar recommends bringing a change of clothing (such as swimwear) as well as a towel.

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[Image: mammytaira]

The bar is also serving sake and beer from Saga.

[Image: F27842784]

The Gata Bar will be open to the end of July.

[Image: kinnikukakigori]


    How long until a tentacle bar?

      How do they stop people from pissing in it?

        thats a fucking disgusting idea lol

          And how do they stop people from sh*tting in it?

            Doubt people would be using roofies, maybe laxative spikes ;)

    Do they still have to wash before getting in?

      That's actually a good question considering Japanese norms or showering/washing prior to going into public baths. Maybe that could be added without blowing the word limit wide open.

    Does shit float or sink in mud?
    It should sink due to the thick viscosity of mud.
    That raises another question.
    How the fuck would anyone know if someone's shit is at the bottom of that mud bath?
    Even if someone did step on poop,they'd probably just think it was a lump of mud,a smelly one at that.

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