Attack On Titan Season 2 Hits Autumn 2017

Attack On Titan Season 2 Hits Autumn 2017

Finally! The second season of the Attack on Titan anime will be aired next autumn.


Wit Studio, which did the first season back in 2013, is returning to handle the second one, and Tetsuro Araki, who was first season’s Series Director, is also back to helm as the show’s Chief Director.

Via the show’s official site, here are teasers images (above and below) for the upcoming season.




  • Jesus was a boy when the last one came out. I also hope (which based on Iron Fortress I am sure it won’t) go the same 3D way of Berserk. Watched the first ep of that on the bus this morning. Yuck visuals.

  • Yes!

    So excited to see how this show continues =)

    It’s about time as well.

  • American/Japanese autumn? Damn, over a year from now. I was hoping from an early 2017 release.

    • The announcement was Japanese/American Spring. I assume this article was edited to reflect our timezone when it was posted here.

      • Ah cool, thanks! Just too used to be given an unmodified American article in here.

  • Christ it’s been too long…it’s sure lost some of its momentum now but it’s the only anime I watch so I’ll dig in.

  • Finally, Also what does anyone think of the chances of the English dub a bit quicker for this season. It was over a year before they did it for season 1, if its the same this time that means 2 years until an english season 2 so i hope they do it quicker.

  • Finally, a story that dares to ask “what if zombies were also giants?”

    Seriously, the whole things is just a zombie post-apocalypse with giant zombies.

  • Regardless on how far this season catches up to the Manga storyline, you guys will be in for a treat 🙂

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