Australians Can Get The Xbox One S From August 2

Image: Kotaku

While we'd previously known that the slimmer version of the Microsoft Xbox One S was coming out in August, we didn't have a precise date. Today, however, the Microsoft Store has one.

Microsoft had previously confirmed that the Xbox One S would be available sometime in August, but as of this morning the company confirmed that Australia would be one of the first regions to get access to the 2TB version of the Xbox One S.

"Today, we’re excited to announce that the highly-anticipated 2TB Xbox One S launch edition will begin hitting shelves in select regions on August 2. That means that all pre-orders will arrive on August 2 and, for those of you that haven’t yet, you can still pre-order a 2TB Xbox One S launch edition through and select retailers," Microsoft said.

The 2TB model of the Xbox One S is currently selling for $549 on the Australian Microsoft Store, although that's the price just for the console. It does come with the latest revision of the Xbox One controller and a vertical stand, as well as 4K video and high dynamic range support.

For those after smaller, cheaper versions of the Xbox One S, Microsoft says the 500GB and 1TB models will start from $US299 and $US349. We don't have a date on when those will become available, but once we get an update from Xbox's PR in Australia we'll let you know.


    Hmmmm, I might do this, trade in my day one Xbox One towards it

    Can we still do that? EB Games was doing a deal I thought

      I hope so, too. Not sure how much they'd be worth, but I'm gonna waddle down to EB today and ask 'em.

      No guaranteed trade in price on 500gb, EB said to expect the value to go down closer to the date. Larger and elite consoles have guaranteed trade in until the day before One S launch.

    I probably won't upgrade. Already have a 1tb Xbox One, it'll keep me going until Project Scorpio comes out next year. I will grab one of those new controllers though because they're pretty nice.

    Wondering if any of that extra horsepower would let reach run at a decent framerate....

      I can't remember which game they referenced but it was heavily suggested that Backwards compatibility would work a little better on the S. I'll probably wait for Scorpio myself.

    So it will play the new 4K UHD Blurays with High Dynamic Range output?

    I bought an XB1 with the Halo MCC, but it was such a mess I took it all back.

    At $549, I might wait for Scorpio next year, I have a decent sized pile of shame on the PC and PS4 currently anyway.

      If you already paid for a year of Gold make sure you claim your monthly games with gold. Then when you do get another Xbox you'll have a pre built pile of Shame!

    Im glad I sold my xbox one. It makes the idea of buying the S worthwhile. Hoping for a gears bundle as that's my only interest in the console.

      Theres a Gears bundle on EB Games website

        Not a bad deal for a 2tb xbox but I only want the 500

          Fair point, I am keen for the 2tb, all that space will definitely get used

            Unless they've changed it in the one S, external drives load games quicker than internal on the Xbox anyway.

    I'm holding out another 18 months for the Scorpio...

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