Barack Obama Does Not Approve Of The Suicide Squad

Barack Obama Does Not Approve Of The Suicide Squad

He probably doesn’t approve of the bizarre hijinks they got around to on the set of the movie either, but for now, let’s stick to the comic book version of America’s incumbent President.

This fun little tidbit comes from the newly released preview of Suicide Squad Rebirth #1, which re-establishes the Suicide Squad in DC’s latest shake-up of its comic book lineup, and is released next week (just in time for the movie!). Taken from the book’s opening pages, it finds Obama infuriated to discover what Amanda Waller and her task force of rogues has been doing behind his government’s back:

While it’s never explicitly stated as Obama, it’s pretty obviously him — it’s the current president, in his second term, and he just so happens to be African-American and also he looks exactly like Barack Obama. He’s just presumably not named for the purposes of avoiding any potential legal issues — just like Marvel had to rapidly distance itself from a very Obama-esque president making an appearance in an issue of Thunderbolts in 2009, taking the convenient out that the president of the Marvel universe United States also just happened to be a black man who looks like Barack Obama, but isn’t.

Of course, this isn’t the President’s first comic book appearance, named or otherwise — let’s not forget that Spider-Man showed up to his inauguration — but still, it’s very fun to see Amanda Waller pull her no-nonsense “we need bad people to do bad things to save this country!” speech on Obama himself.

Obama relents after Waller promises to bring in a US military official — Colonel Rick Flag himself — to operate as the American people’s representative on Task Force X. But I get the feeling that he might not end up being too happy with what the Suicide Squad does regardless of Flag’s presence. They are the bad guys after all. Check out the full preview of Suicide Squad Rebirth #1 at the link below.



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