Fighting Game Pros, But Not As You Think

Kotaku reader Bartosz Hołoszkiewicz — aka Renton Holmes — is also a professional photographer, and he recently took a series of terrific shots of some Street Fighter V players at a tournament.

These images, of some of the players taking part in the Capcom Pro Tour Premier at DreamHack Summer 2016, are, well, beautiful. Unless you're a proper fan, we normally only see top members of the FGC in YouTube or Twitch videos, hunched over chairs in dimly-lit halls. These portraits are bright, stark and very human; I love how despite every shot looking like something from a fancy coffee table magazine about disillusioned rock stars most couldn't resist the urge to smile for the camera.

You can check out the full series on Bartosz's site.






Majin Tenshinhan

Ryan Hart



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