Berserk's Heroine Just Got A Lot Whiter For Some Reason

In Berserk's manga, TV series and full-length movies, the sword-wielding heroine Casca has traditionally been depicted with dark skin and short, black hair. Today, in Berserk's second episode of the anime's new rendition, she appeared extraordinarily pale. It's gone over about as well as you'd expect.

This year's Berserk anime series has already garnered harsh criticism from fans for its stylised CGI and rushed approach to the manga's storylines. Casca's new look isn't helping to redeem it:

I have no explanation. Casca is still an amazing female character, but she used to be one of the only dark-skinned women in popular anime. I liked being able to point to her and say, "There's one of us!" Oh well. I'll just rewatch Michiko & Hatchin.


    A dark skinned character was drawn slightly lighter than usual! OUTRAGE!

    A light skinned character was made darker skinned! APPLAUSE! INCLUSIVENESS! DIVERSITY! GREAT SOCIAL JUSTICE!

    In other news, nobody cares about some whiny Twitter users opinions.

      For people familiar with the original anime series this is overt physical change in a primary character. That's worth comment and, potentially, critique.
      You might not like that people care about different things to yourself, no issues there, but that doesn't mean you should be a nutsack about it.

      Slightly lighter? Also please give examples of characters being drawn darker! Also it's not like people are calling white people racist or anything lol. This series is made by a Japanese production company which adds so much more confusion to why Casca is lighter. Why are they changing the way an ANIMATED character looks. It's not like it's real life and you need a real actor to fill in the character.

      oh yeah "slightly" lighter

      oh yeah dude, that's just a little lighter

      lmao shut up, you dont even know what you're talking about

    Pretty weird that they couldn't keep her brown like the originals.
    Did they run out of digital ink?

    Reminds me of what happened to Pirotess when she went from Lodoss War to Legend of Crystania, lol. It was soo odd.

    This is a bit of a bummer. It's only at the second ep, so it will be interesting to see how Casca pans out in the remainder of the series; whether this is just a shitty palette swap or the character has also been changed.

    So the only female black character in anime is now white.....

      Nowhere near to be the "only". if you have cared to finish reading the article, there's a very good example just there. Hell, that anime alone is filled with people of colour and the one in the example is not even the darkest one.

    Are you guys watching the same show that I am or are you just cherry picking your images? The screen cap shown in the article is not how Casca will normally look in the show. That cap is from a flashback that used a much brighter and lighter colour palette to signify that those were good, fun times. Every time Casca has appeared outside of these stylized scenes, she's seen with a dark skin tone. You can see it in the OP aswell as the scenes of the eclipse.

      I haven't even seen the anime and I can tell that that screenshot is from an abnormally high-brightness, high-contrast scene (for dramatic effect).

      Welcome to Twitter. Where even the slightest discrepancy will be bitched about as much as is possibe. Especially when it can be made about race.

      Still its hard to deny her skin tone isnt as dark as it probably should be.

      Last edited 10/07/16 6:37 am

      There is a small time frame in the opening that clearly shows Casca with brown-tan color

    Said it before will say it again, glad its back but damn the animation is balls...

    Y'all whining. Its an 'adaptation'.
    Caska was more Latino looking anyway

      Yeah I never thought she was black even in the original.

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