BioShock: The Collection Is Now Official

It was leaked several times, but now it's official. Now it has a trailer. BioShock: The Collection is a thing that exists and you'll be able to buy it sooner than you might think.

September 13 to be precise.

BioShock: The Collection features BioShock, BioShock 2 and BioShock: Infinite. That's quite the collection — even if Infinite was a bit iffy in hindsight, it's still a beautiful video game and quite the experience.

The Collection features all the DLC, including Minerva's Den which was super good. Also, perhaps more interestingly, commentary from Ken Levine. I would listen to that.


    Bioshock: I only played this in 2010 or 2011, years after all of games-dom finished gushing over it. I had learned the twist, promptly forgot about it, then found it 'naturally.' It was alright.

    Bioshock 2: Really liked this one, I took more of a careful approach and enjoyed the story a lot more.

    Bioshock Infinite: Pee-yew.

      I would buy a remastered copy of Bioshock 1 and 2

      But 3? Very stinky indeed.

      Man I love the themes, setting and story of the first game, and the setting, multi-layered story and musical themes of the third game.

      I thought the second game was easily the worst of the three. It borrows too heavily from the first and doesn’t have the same kind of impact story wise. It did have a harpoon gun though.

      That said- I’m not going to buy any of them again, even if I didn’t play the DLC.

    Also, only 1 and 2 are being remastered and those that already own those two on PC will get the remastered versions for free.

      but do we also get live commentary as well?

    i can't wait! i replay these games every year or so and they still hold up. to go through them again completely remastered is going to be amazing. favourite game series of all time.

    Actually no that only applies to PC. The console versions are getting remaster for all 3 games

    The thing I found annoying about these games is all the scavenging. You kill all the enemies, and then spend 5mins opening every crate and drawer. It starts to drag after a while.

    Tried to play 1, got bored after few hours. Didn't bother touching 2 since I couldn't finish 1. Bought 3 after and knowing it is unrelated, I actually liked it very much, much more than 1. Not to mention the amazing Burial at Sea DLC.

    Time to play 1 and 2 again when the remaster comes out.

    I found Infinite better than Bioshock 2. 2 was essentially an expansion pack for Bioshock, although the changes to the weapon and plasmid system (ie, you could have both at the same time) were very welcome.

    Last edited 01/07/16 10:12 am

    I'm actually in the camp that really enjoyed Infinite. when I bought that on steam I got 1 and 2 for free, I actually installed 1 just a few weeks ago, perfect timing for the article on unlocking 60fps as well. Still haven't played it yet, but as soon as I finish Doom and the Witcher 3 dlc's, I'm going to play through the series :)

    Infinite wasn't perfect, but was still better than 80% of games I've played.

    Loved, Bioshock, never finished 2, and I haven't even touched Infinite. Definitely interested in picking this up, no way in hell I'm paying the 100 bucks EB are charging when Ozgameshop have got it for $61.

    Wow... At the time of Infinite, I was fairly critical of the experience and copped a lot of flak (not here, but in MyIGN). I'm relieved to actually see people commenting here who weren't blown away by it. No, I didn't play to the last scene (rage quit the last battle) but watching the cutscene later didn't change my dislike for timey wimey nonsense.

    That aside, I adore the original and haven't played it for years so I'm hoping they've polished it up for current gem consoles. And I haven't ever played Bioshock 2.

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