Catch Up On The Latest Justice League Footage

Catch Up On The Latest Justice League Footage

If you didn’t see the latest Justice League footage straight out of Comic Con, or you’d like to have a place to complain about Bruce Wayne wandering around the world recruiting superheroes, here you go.

The footage was showcased at Comic-Con over the weekend and … well, I’ll let you decide for yourself.

Personally: not a fan.

Why is Bruce Wayne throwing batarangs at potential recruits as Bruce Wayne? Wouldn’t he do that as Batman? The whole thing just feels cheesy and there seems to be a focus on humour through awkward exchanges.

I’ll take Iron Man any day of the week. But what do you think?


  • Why is Bruce Wayne throwing batarangs at potential recruits as Bruce Wayne? Wouldn’t he do that as Batman?

    Yup this is my issue with it as well, the JL didn’t know who Batman was.

  • This franchise can probably never hope to win over any sceptics now. There’s just too much grist for the mill, everything from Snyder himself down will be pilloried no end. I say this as someone who likes what’s come out already. Suicide Squad better be good though.

      • Yep. But, the fanboy crowd is the most shallow and fickle thing in the pop culture world. All it takes is one good or bad movie to turn the tide. You watch, all it will take is one bad Marvel movie for Marvel to experience a change in fanboy temperature (I don’t want a bad Marvel movie personally), but it will happen. Law of averages says it has to at some point. Age of Ultron is the closest they came so far, with the fanboys rabidly turning on Whedon after holding him high as a golden idol after the first Avengers, then practically castrating him over AoU.

  • I liked the trailer, but since Snyder is still directing I’m cautious.

    The battarang scene seemed okay to me: Bruce forces Barry to reveal his secret identity, while simultaneously revealing his own. I guess the only question is whether Barry was the first person he suspected of being the Flash …

      • I like to think that dark Snyder Batman wouldn’t feel too bad about accidentally killing a few non-Flashes in the process of building the Justice League though. I mean, if they didn’t turn out to be Flash, does it really matter if they get a batterang to the face?

        • Are you trying to troll? You seem like you’re trying to stir up some shit and make Batman into a cold blooded killer. If you’re serious then you are in complete ignorance and it must be blissful there for you.
          Again, Bruce has seen Barry’s face on CCTV. There are probably various other pictures of him in those files. He knows what the guy looks like.
          Again, he is the worlds greatest detective, he does his homework, he knows Barry is The Flash.
          There are no innocents getting batarangs to the face, stop trying to stir shit.

          • I agree that it is a bit of hyperbole, but the Batman vs Superman version of the character didn’t seem to have as much of a problem with killing people as other interpretations of Batman.

            So “throw batterangs at peoples faces until someone dodges” doesn’t seem that out of place in a Snyder directed film …

          • And the people he did kill all suffered less horrible deaths than KGBeast in the comics… so this one is practically a saint.

          • I do wonder how thin that KGBeast is now… or how much of a feed the rats got…

  • looks kinda cool actually…

    but i still personally would “probably” liked the new wonder woman movie instead

  • I thought it looked great. My only gripes, 1) still not used to Ben Affleck as Batman and 2) can’t understand why they didn’t have the same actor playing Barry Allen/The Flash as the TV show. Other than that I’m pretty damn excited for all the DC movies, especially Wonder Woman.

    • Ben has delivered my favourite big screen Batman to date (Overall favourite is of course Kevin Conroy).
      With The Flash, I was gunning for Grant Gustin to play him as well, but from that small scene we’ve seen so far, I’m sure Ezra will do a good job.

    • It’s a ‘different universe’, so they’re using ‘different actors’, that’s their reasoning anyhow. I get what you mean though, I would’ve loved to have seen Grant Gustin on the big screen. But, with how Ezra looks, I’m ok with it, he looks to be filling the movie role well. It won’t have the depth or range of the tv role due to its episode count etc, but hopefully he will do fine 🙂

  • I’ll take Iron Man any day of the week

    What does that have to do with how good the Justice League trailer is?
    Just makes you sound like a biased Marvel fanboy.

  • Why is Bruce Wayne throwing batarangs at potential recruits as Bruce Wayne? Wouldn’t he do that as Batman?

    Half the JLA actually does know who Batman is. Pays to keep up with the comics at some stage, just saying.

    He turns up to visit Barry, because he knows who Barry is, to establish trust with the kid. Also, because you’ve got to skip some bits to get to the core of the issue. Let’s not forget: We skipped the *entire* storyline where “Ironman was Tony Starks protector” and went straight to “Everyone knows Tony Stark is Ironman”. This wasn’t a short period of time either, the world figured Ironman worked for Stark Industries for a long, long, long time.

    I mean, do we go into how Marvel has just scrapped the idea of Secret Identities up until Spiderman? Everyone knows who everyone is? Spiderman is literally the first secret identity. Tony Stark IS Ironman. Thor has NO human secret identity any more. Everyone’s well aware who each and every Avenger is away from their jobs? The point is, not all change is bad. You accepted this without complaining. Maybe wait and see how the movie pans out before condemning it before joining the hate train.

    The whole thing just feels cheesy and there seems to be a focus on humour through awkward exchanges.

    People complained BvS was too dark, that’s fine it probably was to a degree. Now they went and lightened up a fair bit but you only saw 90 seconds of footage with what, three jokes in the whole thing? Maybe four? And that’s too much? Do you prefer it go back to ultra-grimdark? This sort of comment only goes to prove absolutely that fanboys do not know what they want despite complaining otherwise.

    As for awkward exchanges, I didn’t see one single awkward exchange there? Everything flowed well. Barry Allen is socially inept, lonely and a social outcast due to his powers. He’s a superhero sure, but this isolates him in life, so of course he’s going to be quirky, unusual and look to join up with similair people in an excited manner when offered. Aquamans bit was awesome, like Grace Randolph herself said, Bruce Waynes dialogue was very well inspired by Quint from Jaws.

    I’ll take Iron Man any day of the week.

    Careful. Your bias is showing and I really, really wouldn’t take Ironman 2 or 3, let’s not wear rose coloured glasses here. Oh and incidentally I hated the cinematic cut of BvS. Fucking loathed it. It was disjointed garbage. But the Extended Edition is fantastic. I highly recommend it.

    • Iron Man 3 was worse than the Daredevil movie IMO!
      The Marvel fan-atics seem to have such thick rose tinted glasses that they think Marvel can do no wrong. The movie turned Iron Mans greatest enemy into a cheap punchline, then revealed the worst ‘actual’ villain pulling the strings. I mean who was that guy? Heartburn man?

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