Community Review: Inside

I'm so glad that games like Inside exist.

Games that are just weird. Flat out weird as fuck. Stripped back and strange. A proper Lynchian effort with casual violence that haunts you. It's fragmented, claustrophobic, abstract. It's literally like a nightmare. I finished Inside over the weekend and I won't be forgetting about it anytime soon.

I don't want to ruin the surprise for anyone, but I will say this: the opening half of Inside is engaging. But very much like Limbo. At some point through the second act it takes a turn. It adds new elements. It pushes boundaries.

And it all dovetails towards this final act: one of the most insane things I've ever experienced in a video game.

I loved it.

You need to play this video game.


    Mark, I'd love to share my experience with it but how can we do a community review when it's not even out for another 3 days according to steam?

    Jealous that you get early access!

    Edit: Oh I see that it was released on Xbox One first. How nice for Xbox One owners.

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    It was okay. It is meant for children but there are some themes for the older crowd. I liked the use of colour. The best part was when Bing Bong vanishes. Fuck that bitch Sadness.

    I am halfway through it and love it so far. And it's just so beautiful! I keep taking screenshots every few minutes.

    Great game!

    Minor spoilers
    Man those swimming babies that try to drown you are the stuff of my nightmares

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    I had a good time - not sure if it $30 worth of good time however.

    I agree Mark, I thought it was absolutely incredible, and the use of rhythmic sound in the environment (and the sound design in general) to create tension and actual gameplay was just sooo perfect.

    Without giving any spoilers... the marching? The sonic boom? So cool

    You need to play this video game.

    I'm trying, Mark, but there's some sort of magical pre-purchase barrier stopping me from getting my game... It takes my money, but not my hand...

    Just finished my first playthrough, thought it was good but not the solid 10s its getting everywhere. It was fun though and worthy of praise, some moments of dread, great sound and look. I think ill have to play through again and absorb everything.

    Sat down and played through this on Saturday morning, man the WTF escalations and the twists on the mechanics are truly extraordinary.

    Don't think i've recoiled in horror and almost cheered in delight in quite so short a space of time before. Spent a good percentage of the game with my mouth hanging open in slack jawed awe\horror but also enjoyed the subtle light moments.

    It's all so perfectly edited, the "made it by half a pixel" chase moments you just know have been orchestrated for maximum stress while never feeling unfair. The camera showing exactly and only what you need to know to proceed. Those wonderful secondary animations in the distance which hint at what is happening outside your claustrophobic 2d plane... man... so wonderful.

    The one which really hit me was the father\son standing in the doorway of the warehouse, and the father just running in and choking you... Holy crap that was full on

    I find myself thinking back on all these little moments and building out the world around it, I think it had the perfect balance of engaging puzzle design which, whilst not necessarily particularly challenging, kept the momentum of the game flowing beautifully.

    Sigh.... now want to go back and do a secret run, only found four on the first go and i'm curious as to... things.

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