Destiny Player Wins 1v3 Match Without Firing A Shot

Video: Behold: the power of Titan bubbles. In this incredible video, watch Destiny player fimi_sheikh take out an entire Trials team without firing his gun.

via Reddit

Because fimi_sheikh was on the checkpoint and would have won if his opponents had let him keep standing there, the other team didn’t have many options. But maybe they shouldn’t have run in one-by-one like movie henchmen and tried the same damn tactic three times in a row?

Meanwhile, Bungie just announced a new Sparrow called the Gjallywing. It’s ridiculous. Destiny!


  • Was that….a Praise the Sun emote!!?? *must get back into Destiny for Dark Souls reference* (0:46 in sparrow trailer)

    • Yeah, it’s been in there for a few months now. Although stupidly it’s not called praise the sun, it’s called praise the light and there’s another emote called praise the sun which is like a yoga pose

  • The titan in the video gains bonus armour from being inside his bubble, which amazingly allows him to survive rocket explosions. The enemies are just killing themselves with friendly fire.

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