Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Is Gold… Well, More So Than Usual

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Is Gold… Well, More So Than Usual

The hype train has officially pulled out of the station for Eidos Montreal’s Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, with the team announcing today that the long-awaited sequel to 2011’s Human Revolution has gone Au.

The statement was delivered in image form via Tumblr, an interesting, yet nonetheless effective route of communication. It even features a helpful arrow, so you can easily spot the gold master.

Mankind Divided has had a somewhat bumpy ride during development, first with its poorly-conceived preorder campaign, which was thankfully axed.

Shortly afterwards, it was announced the game would be delayed, with its new release date pegged to August 24.

The studio itself said the additional time would be used for “tuning, iterations and refinement”, so we can only hope the extra six months has paid off.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is GOLD! We can’t wait for you all to play our game. [Tumblr]


  • I hope its as good as the last one, this is the game I am most looking forward to this year.

  • Looks great but I wish they did some facial capture to make the characters more real, its the only thing that looks dated

    • In game everything has a gold tint to it and the game is now finished which is known as Going Gold due to a gold master being made and sent to the manufacturers for pressing.

      • Fair enough, cheers for the definition.
        Iv played the game heaps so im aware of the ‘gold filter’ (which i dont mind), didnt realize it was a ‘hype’ thing

    • Gold was the master compact disc for manufacturing. 1990s reference

      In the internet era, it means its Version 1.0… everything after this point is a patch.

  • This is good. Just in time for my new monitor and gfx card. This is gonna be sweeeet. I hope.

    1st one was great. 2nd was okay. 3rd was great. Bring it on!

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