Dreaming Of A Seinfeld Adventure Game

Artist Jacob Janerka, who is working on the 2D adventure game Paradigm, has also been working on something else: Mock-ups of a 2D Seinfeld adventure game. Via Attract Mode, this isn't something you can play, or likely ever will (unlike Han Solo Adventures, which is still being made). Just something we can look at, and sigh, and think, "Boy this would work really well if he collaborated with the @SeinfeldToday guys."


    I have to say it, I cannot stand that show!!

    The "Han Solo Adventures" game mentioned in the article has had its website taken over by porn. Big warning, NSFW.

    But a Seinfeld game would be a game about nothing...

    Seinfeld needs the Telltale treatment. #serenitynow

      Quite a few years back I would instantly agree with you.
      They were working on Back to the Future and Jurassic Park games, two of my favourite movie franchises. I was pumped.

      The Back to the Future game, though, was just...... dull. And super repetitive. I bought the season pass and I think I stopped halfway through the second episode.

      I feel like a lot of their adventure games just bank on the fan support of the franchise, with a nice dose of nostalgia, to carry them. Ultimately, I don't feel like they are "good" games on their own, and that makes me sad.

        I agree. I played Walking Dead. Stilted dialogue, bad gameplay, irritating characters. I played Last of Us after that, and wow that is how you do story and believable characterisations.

    Now that is attention to detail, George and his overstuffed wallet

    I simply cannot watch seinfeld anymore. Not that it was ever that clever or funny, but everytime kramer comes onscreen I get reminded of the horrendous things he said during that stand up session that single handedly ruined his career and any chance of seinfeld making a comeback.

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