ELEX, An Open World RPG Where Fantasy Faces Off Against Future

Piranha Bytes of Gothic fame has released a "mood" video and extra details for its under-development RPG ELEX. Announced last year, ELEX promises a "completely open game world" that combines science-fiction technology with swords and shields.

The clip doesn't really show much gameplay and is clearly marked as "pre-alpha", but it is rendered in-engine, which is nice. As for the game itself, here's the developer's description (via Blue's News):

The Story Magalan, the completely open game world of ELEX, was home to a highly developed civilisation until a catastrophic meteor strike devastated the planet, reducing it to a post-apocalyptic world. The meteor also deposited a substance that is now found in nearly everything: Elex, and each faction uses it in a different way. Every inhabitant of the world is constantly looking for Elex, whether as a substance with magical powers, to use in a weapon or as a pure stimulant.

Apparently "Elex" is used in different ways by the various factions — be it consumed as a drug or fuel for constructing weapons. Like tiberium (or spice, depending on how old you are) before it, it's the magical substance everyone wants, so much so they're willing to bust people up over it.

The video wasn't looking too bad until the jumping mech at the end, but I've been searching for a good future versus fantasy RPG since Arcanum. On that alone I'm willing to give ELEX the benefit of the doubt.

ELEX Mood Video [YouTube, via Blue's News]


    "faces of against future"? I'm confused..

    ERMAHGHERD!!!!!!!! HURRY UP ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!! Been waiting for this for SOOOOOO LONG!!!!!!!!!!

    Getting some slight Horizon: Zero Dawn vibes. Colour me intrigued.

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