ESPN Jumps On The Pokemon GO Train, Films Ronda Rousey As Pikachu

Image: Supplied

Ronda Rousey has been a long-time fan and servant of the Pokemon series. So with all the hype surrounding Pokemon GO, naturally that meant it was time for Ronda to train in a Pikachu costume.

It's just an opportunity for Sportscenter and ESPN to jump on board the Pokemon GO train, but it's also an opportunity for Rousey to showcase her Pokemon fandom. She outed herself as a moderator on a Pokemon Stadium 2 forum. I wonder if she owns all the gyms around her area as well.

It's been a good week for both properties though. While Nintendo is obviously making squillions off Pokemon GO fandom, the UFC also sold itself to a consortium for US$4 billion. The consortium included talent agency WME-IMG, which partnered with Turner Broadcasting to run the televised Counter-Strike: Global Offensive league, ELEAGUE.


    Well this is a poorly researched article. Seeing as her training as a pikachu was done last year.

    Oh cmon Alex you can do better than creating clickbait...

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