Even Woolworths Hates Zubat

If you've ever felt like the ratio of Pokemon to Zubat is a little one-sided, you're not the only one.

One of Australia's largest grocery chains, Woolworths, jumped on the Pokemon GO train earlier today. The photo they tweeted out is ... well, it's kind of awful. But what was funny about the post was how they picked up on the same thing everyone else did: the fact that Zubat is fucking everywhere.

Small story for you: a few of us in the office were in Kings Cross just yesterday. We sat down for a short period and caught a few Pokemon thanks to a handy lure I had left over.

Hayley, our erstwhile editorial assistant, caught something like 12 or 13 Zubats in the space of an hour. Zubats kept appearing even after the lure expired.

Zubats are everywhere. Zubats are life.


    Loving Pokemon GO for what it promotes so far. Went on a 5k walk with my son this morning and hes asked me to take his ipad on my regular 10k walk tonight lol. Its a brilliant marriage of gaming, real life and fitness potential!

      Did you go on regular walks together much before Pokemon GO?

        Me and my housemates hiked 5km, climbed a mountain near our place after working 10 hours that day, just to claim the gym at the top. Damn pokemon getting us all fit again

        I walk all the time, and we go out all the time together, but I can't say we've walked that extensively before, but that's likely to change now lol

      A new standoff between VR and AR - which will get gamers the most fit? :P

    Is Hayley Williams no longer with Kotaku, or are you talking about a different Hayley?

    I guess Zubat is the new Rattata (they were everywhere early in the beta period).

    I feel like the ratio of rattata pidgy and spearow should be higher. Maybe level out their spawns with zubat. Makes more sense

    Havn't seen many Zubat in Adelaide's southern suburbs, lots of Doduo though, seen WAY too many of the buggers

    Never seen a Zubat.
    Doduos everywhere though.

    I see mostly Rattata's around me

    I feel like my town is the perfect representation of the starter areas in Pokémon. Pidgeys, Rattatas and Zubats everywhere. And nothing else.

      From my bedroom here in Canberra, I see 9 zubats. I hate zubat.

    The only thing that seems around is rotten zubat. Not that there's many pokemon around here anyway :( 1 stop and no gyms in a dense residential area with lots of schools and parks. Bad planning and execution pokemon go.

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