Finding A Magikarp In Pokémon GO Is Hilarious

Finding A Magikarp In Pokémon GO Is Hilarious
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Yes, the GOAT is in the newly released Pokémon GO, and boy, is he turning up in some pretty unexpected places.

As you may already know, Pokémon GO is an augmented reality game that lets you catch Pokémon located in the real world. (We wrote our impressions here, if you’re curious.) Right now, Pokémon Go is out in Australia and New Zealand, and players are taking to social media to share their adventures. While folks are finding a wide variety of things, one of the funniest discoveries is that finding a Magikarp is almost always funny as hell.

Magikarp can appear inside your shower:

On the road, nowhere near water:

There was a #magicarp in the road!! #pokemongo #pokemon #pokedex

A photo posted by B1n4ry Gaming (@b1n4rygaming) on

…Well that's unfortunate #pokemongo

A photo posted by RJ (@rj_para) on

In the middle of the traffic:

So many Flapping magikarp on the ground #pokemon #pokemongo #magikarp #niantic #game

A photo posted by Clara Jane (@lucem_sequimur) on

In your kitchen:

Image credit: ReallyBadCafe

Image credit: ReallyBadCafe

At your dinner table:

In the middle of a meeting:

When you're sitting down for a meeting but you spot a wild Magikarp! #pokemongo

A photo posted by RidingWithTom (@ridingwithtom) on

At the supermarket:

This doesn't look like the fish aisle? @tmans87 #PokemonGo #Pokemon #Magikarp

A photo posted by Pokemon Go (@pokemongocenter) on

Just kinda stuck within the walls of your house:

On a rando’s crotch in the middle of your commute:

Now lets see how long it takes someone to find Magikarp inside a toilet.


  • It’s not about “finding” it there. You can move around once you spot a Pokemon, so you could be at home, use a lure, tap on it, and then wander to the toilet to take a pic.

  • Was really excited for Pokemon Go, installed it on release and have since uninstalled. 🙁
    I think the novelty wore off on me real quick.

    The item store kinda killed it for me too since you could just sit at home buying items to get an advantage over those who actually walk around doing everything.

    • You’d have to spend a significant amount of time and money to get anywhere near anyone who walks outside. Incense only give you 6 pokemon per half hour, whereas you can get double or triple that walking around, especially in popular places. Plus, I’ve found the rarest pokemon appear where large numbers of people congregate, which most likely wouldn’t be your house.

  • So far I’ve caught a horsea, duododo, zubat and starry all while dropping the kids off at the pool last night…

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