Fine Art: Dead Century Is A Very Good-Looking Video Game

A few years back, I wrote about a game called Dead Century, which looked very cool. The bad news: Its Kickstarter failed. The good news: It got made anyway, and is now looking even better. Dead Century is an RPG/adventure game in the vein of Telltale's various series, and it's out now on iOS (with Android coming soon). The star, at least for the purposes of this post, is the art by Ray Bruwelheide, who made those fantastic Pokemon Noir comics.

It looks like The Banner Saga made a baby with Mignola's Hellboy. Those into the art and the craft behind it should be interested to know that the game features three choices of protagonist (male, female and "androgynous"), and because it's hand-drawn that meant Bruwelheide had to go and draw every single cutscene three times.

You can get Dead Century here, while below is a sample of some of the art found in the game (which Bruwelheide describes as a"LGBT Indiana Jones spooky adventure").

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    Really not seeing much Hellboy in there at all /artsnob

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