Fallout Shelter Arrives On PC This Week

Briefly: From PC to mobile and back again. Fallout Shelter, the hit iOS and Android game based on the popular post-apocalyptic setting, arrives on PC this Friday, alongside update 1.6, which brings new locations, new characters and quests.

It might not make quite the same splash it did when it first launched on smartphones, but at least you won't have to jump through hoops any more to get it running on desktop.

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    Is it going to be released on Steam or the Windows 10 store?

      Hmmm, it's a weird era to live in where games are released on Windows 10 but not Steam...

      It sounds like it won't be on the Windows 10 store or Steam. They've said it will be available for download off their website and haven't mentioned being able to get it anywhere else (I'd imagine the Steam page would already be up by now).

    To bad it's such a disappointing game!

    It has a lot of potential and appears fun at first, but there's very little depth to it and gets tedious quickly.

    Not to mention the controls are just shit-house.

    This came out two days ago and the launcher is stuck in an infinite load screen! guess it's back to the Mobile app emulator for PC then.

      I know! Very frustrating!

      And you wanna know the worst part?

      That problem is only happening for Australians...


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