Gal*Gun: Double Peace Is Exactly What It Looks Like [NSFW]

Gal*Gun: Double Peace is a game about firing your "pheromone shot" at love-crazed anime schoolgirls until they collapse in ecstasy and disappear. Armed with that knowledge, nothing in this video should surprise you. The sequel to 2011 Japan-only Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 title from developer Inti Creates, Gal*Gun: Double Peace is a game that more polite people might call "distinctively Japanese". But really it's racy and doesn't really give a damn what anyone else thinks.

Panty shots? All the panty shots. Screen rubbing? On the Vita, sure. On the PlayStation 4 version you have to rub the touch pad. Suggestive tugging? Sure, why not?

I didn't even register her hand position until the third time I played through this sequence.

We've explained the basic concept of the game previously. The gist is that you're a Japanese high school student targeted by an angel for a shot from Cupid's arrow. Unfortunately she is distracted and hits you with a full-strength shot, so instead of your true love falling for you, everybody does. In order to survive the day and find your true love, you must eliminate the horde of young women on your tail with extreme... something.

Build up that combo meter and you can enter touch mode, which basically turns whichever targets you stroke to completion into orgasm bombs. That sentence goes into the scrapbook.

Junko is a Japanese name meaning obedient and pure.

The whole affair is completely ridiculous. Young women attack from all angles, jumping from trees, popping out of lockers, crawling at you over bookshelves. Were they zombies, it would be terrifying. Really it's still terrifying, but a different sort of terrifying.

They are demon roaches or something. I don't know. Whatever. Shut up.

During my first visit to the Kotaku Splitscreen podcast, Jason Schreier asked me if I would still play games like this if they didn't feature anime girls. After playing a bit of Gal*Gun: Double Peace on both Vita and PS4 (go PS4, Vita framerates are choppy as hell), I can honestly say that no, I probably wouldn't. It's the absurdity that gets me, standard gameplay elements in a strange situation.

Some of you are with me. Others are wondering how a game like this gets approved for Western release. According to publisher PCube, it was surprisingly easy. They expected a fight, and it just breezed right through. Having enjoyed that success, the publisher is also bringing Valkyrie Drive, the game about girls making out to turn each other into weapons, to the West later this year. Apparently all they had to do was ask.

Gal*Gun: Double Peace is already out in Australia for PlayStation 4 and Vita. Play it with a friend, or projected onto the side of your neighbour's house.


    It's pretty straightforward - guns good, sex bad.

    As the game has gun in its title it's clearly okay.

    Oh look at us were secretly a bunch of rock spiders playing dirty little Japanese kiddy porno games. I'd happily slap people who play this.

      *cautiously raises hand* my Vita copy arrived yesterday...

      Now, these are bum slaps we're talking about, right? A.K.A spanking?

    Somebody should mention that it's basically a rail shooter, not an FPS that lets you roam freely.

    Needs a highly advanced sense of the ridiculous. Or else being an actual pervert, I suppose.

    Call of Duty had better watch its back! or something.

    I think I need a cold shower after watching this video. Yes, cold shower in the winter.

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