GameCube Emulation Is Now A Lot Better

GameCube Emulation Is Now A Lot Better

For the first time in three years, the famous Dolphin emulator — which lets users play GameCube games on their PC — has had a proper big update.

It’s now at v5.0, and a ton of changes and updates have been made. Some are specific fixes for games with quirks, while others are general improvements across the board. They’re all laid out in this intro video:

In all, compatibility with hundreds of games has been improved through fixes to stuff like sound and various graphics effects.

You can get Dolphin here.


  • I never understand why we don’t just see links to the emulated games in these articles. Go the extra mile, you know?

      • Lol, that’s like saying;

        “I’ve invented this machine which captures children for paedophile consumption”

        “Uh, isn’t this illegal?”

        “Capturing children is illegal, sure, but the existence of the machine isn’t illegal”

        “Is owning the machine illegal? Cause what else would you do with it? People are going to assume you’ll use it for it’s main purpose”

        “I use it to capture home-brew children”

        “That… doesn’t sound very assuring”

        • Except not though. I’ve ripped a bunch of my GameCube games for use with emulators, and am especially interested in using some with DolphinVR. Piracy has nothing to do with it, I already own all the games I want.

          • I’m pretty sure ripping anything we’ve purchased circumvents “technological protection measures” which is an illegal act in Australia from what I’ve read.

            EDIT: There’s also the fact that a lot of people have had to mod their Nintendo Wii or Gamecube in order to rip the gamecube discs, which is also a slap on the wrists because you’re using their product for an unintended purpose.

            You can always ask [email protected] if you’re unsure.

          • Creating an image or replica of a disk you already own for security and backup purposes is allowed, so long as you retain ownership and possession of both the original and copy.

          • if you’re talking about a computer game, you’re rather explicitly not allowed to make a backup or format shifted copy without explicit permission from the copyright holder.
            console video game emulators as software may be legal to run in Australia, but running emulated game images on that software — which is to say, actually using an emulator in the way that people use emulators — almost certainly isn’t.


            you are allowed to make a backup copy of a computer program, but (unless the license says otherwise), that only covers the software aspect, and not other elements such as artwork, music or video contained within.


            We need another up-to-date article to see if this is still the case in 2016

  • Nice!

    The last game i played from start to finish with Dolphin was Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn, now that was a good game =)

    If it has even better compatibility i might have to pick up some more Gamecube games!

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