GOG Comes To The Rescue For Game Owners As Storefront ShinyLoot Closes

GOG Comes To The Rescue For Game Owners As Storefront ShinyLoot Closes

ShinyLoot certainly wasn’t the most well-known of online game stores — heck, being heard over Steam is a small miracle — but it appears to have had enough of a following that when it closed down earlier his year, more than a few customers were put out. Fortunately, thanks to GOG, gamers will have a chance to enjoy at least one of their purchases from the now-defunct site.

A couple of days ago GOG, in conjunction with developer Kerberos, announced that it would honour purchases of Sword of the Stars: The Pit from ShinyLoot — all owners have to do is provide proof of purchase.

For those eligible, getting in on the action is fairly straightforward:

How do you transfer your game to GOG.com?
1) Contact Kerberos with your Shinyloot receipt at: [email protected]
Please include the subject line “Shinyloot DRM-free”.
2) You’ll recieve a GOG.com code for your game. Redeem it on gog.com/redeem.
3) Enjoy your always-up-to-date, DRM-free copy of the game!

After a burst of new bundles and digital storefronts over the last few years, it appears survival of the fittest is in full effect. For every itch.io, there’s a ShinyLoot or Desura. Desura is a particularly scary example — it’d been around for many years and exchanged ownership several times, including a stint with Second Life developer Linden Lab.

Sadly, Desura’s final recipient, Bad Juju Games, was unable to keep the ship afloat and now the site exists in a strange kind of purgatory. In some cases, developers who haven’t been able to remove their games from sale (or have yet to be paid) have resorted to extreme measures to dissuade people from spending their hard-earned there.

Despite the presence of GOG, I know we’d all love more alternatives to Steam, but the reality is it’s a difficult business. Good luck to anyone who attempts to sail those cutthroat waters.

Sword of the Stars: The Pit — Big updates, new DLC + Transfer your copy from Shinyloot to GOG.com [GOG]


  • And this is why buying non-DRM games from GOG is my preferred choice. If GOG closed down tomorrow, I would still have full access to every one of the games I purchased from them.

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