GTA V Getting LGBT Pride Parade Mod

One of the least politically correct video game franchises is getting its own LGBT Pride parade, the Daily Dot reports. Yesterday, Scandinavian LGBT advocacy group Stockholm Pride released a trailer for their new unofficial "Los Santos Pride" mod for Grand Theft Auto V. The trailer features exuberant LGBT folks of all races and genders celebrating and cheering alongside a Pride parade. Attendees dance, march and take photos just as they would at an IRL Pride. "Love is in the air," reads a rainbow blimp in the sky. Players will be able to interface with the parade's floats and bystanders.

A representative told the Daily Dot that the mod is a free pro-bono project with no financial incentive.

"Los Santos Pride" is a beautiful idea. And yet, it's been met with extraordinary vitriol, even for YouTube: The trailer's YouTube page is already rife with anti-LGBT hate. According to a quick count I just did, 16 per cent of comments include the word "fag". Others refer to paedophilia, killing female police officers and mass-murdering gay people.

Luckily, the mod's floats will be indestructible, mirroring the idea that love conquers all.


    Authorial intent is pretty much the only thing stopping this from being a terrible idea.

    In a game like GTA the one thing that is guaranteed to happen, no matter what your personal views, is that you're going to get bored with being "able to interface with the parade’s floats and bystanders" and drive a car through them.

      yeh, I agree, this is asking for trouble.
      prepare for people recreating some recent terrible terrible events.

    given how toxic and juvenile this player base is, I cant help but think this is just asking for trouble.

      Isn't that Rockstar's forte? They know who and what their player base are.

    Great idea but I woulda loved it if they had've reached out to Rockstar, or Steven Ogg to provide some voicework and make it somewhat official?

    Trevor would most definitely go for something like this, his character shows he would set his heart on making this parade happen. Missions could've been put in place to have elements of the world, such as the cult etc, try to stop it, and Trevor himself would go on missions to make sure the Parade went ahead. This could've even involved as little killing as possible by doing things such as rescuiing stolen floats with a helicopter, sneaking around etc. Maybe Trevor gets given a Tranq gun ala MGS by his employer as they're adamently against killing and has to pin a rainbow badge on everyone he takes down?

    It looks cool and I'm all for it being released but to me at the same time, it kind of feels like a missed opportunity because I would've *loved* to have seen this had its own 'gta twist' with missions involved and then the parade itself be the big, end celebration with everyone coming together. Ah well, can't have everything :) But go for it, still looks cool and well done :)

    Last edited 13/07/16 1:35 pm

    Damn pride movements claiming rainbows.

    I can't wear a rainbow shirt without people thinking I'm supporting something, other than a colourful shirt.

      You, saying you're against skittles?

        I'm more of an peanut M&Ms man myself.

        Used to be a Smarties kid, but that was when I was young and didn't know any better...

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