Guy Plays Pokemon GO In Area 51, Finds Empty Gyms

Guy Plays Pokemon GO In Area 51, Finds Empty Gyms

We already know that one of the most secretive places on earth probably hides aliens or whatever. Boring. The real question is, what Pokemon can you find at Area 51?

Well, it looks like we finally have an answer to that question. The folks over at Frag Hero took a trip down to Area 51, and you can read about that journey over here. One of the stand-out things they found near Area 51 was that none of the gyms had been claimed — so it seems that there are people out there who haven’t succumbed to the Pokemania.

Or maybe that’s what the government wants you to think. ????????????

Anyway, even Area 51 is crawling with monsters, and here’s a taste of some of what Frag Hero found along the way:

So there you have it. Area 51 has Pikachu in it, because of course it does. That fucker is everywhere, which makes sense, considering that Pokemon GO is a government surveillance psyop conspiracy. (JK.) Other monsters found at Area 51 include Primeape, Pidgeot, Arcanine and Rhyhorn, in case you were curious.

You can check out more Pokemon GO pictures from Area 51 here.


    • There is nothing… have already tried

      Its completely unmapped before you even get to the gates.

      • Of course someone would tell me that to throw me off the scent.

        ….how did you find this post 😀

        • It was first? My mates a pso out there so when he told me about how its umapped I went out there not believing him.

  • It’s only a minor annoyance, but people don’t seem to grasp the camera function of Pokemon Go and just capture their entire screen including their battery percentage/carrier etc. I mean, there’s a camera icon, right there on the screen, and it gives you a much better pic of the Pokemon in the wild, cutting out a lot of the UI clutter.

    • Screenshot is quicker and gives you a picture of the encounter rather than a wildlife shot.

      • It’s easier for me with an iPhone because I just tap the camera icon and then the white circle in the middle, just 2 quick taps. To take a screenshot I need to adjust how I’m holding the phone and use both hands to hit the home and lock button (which can sometimes not work if times incorrectly).

        Also, if you use the camera function of the app, it still takes a pic of the encounter with the Pokemon, it just takes out all of the phone UI and stuff

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