Guy Pranks Pokemon GO Players, Causes Stampede

Guy Pranks Pokemon GO Players, Causes Stampede

When Pokemon GO players see a good Pokemon spawn on the map, everyone will start running toward it, even if it’s not particularly rare. It was only a matter of time before someone took advantage of this phenomenon. Watch what happens after Vine star Logan Paul screams DRAGONITE in the middle of a crowd of players in Central Park:

…there is no Dragonite, of course. But it is rare, enough that some players dropped everything and ran toward Paul in the hopes of catching one of the most coveted monsters in Pokemon GO. (Here’s the Facebook version, in case you have trouble with the Twitter version.)

If we learn anything from this, let it be to not blindly trust people screaming the names of Pokemon at Pokestops: It might be good to look at the in-game map first before leaving your car running in the middle of traffic.


  • What I want to see is someone pushing at a truck saying “Hey guys, I think there’s a Mew under here!”.

    • Hahahaha man those were the days. If you faint after you get cut from the captain and use surf when the SS. Anne is still there, swim to the island and there is a truck, use strength and bam you get Mew lol.

  • Does any one else hear “Your gonna die N*gger” in the final seconds, or that just me?

  • Sigh. I hate trolls. You can see exactly the kind of person this guy is from the pics in this article alone.

  • What a douchebag. its a game thats getting people to exercise, why be a total cunt? hope something bad happens to him v.v

  • Ok, did anyone else hear the the crowd basically start saying “Rabblerabblerabble”?

    That was kinda scary, the way everyone suddenly sprung to life like an angry bee hive.

  • I don’t get why people do this. If you can see it on the map, you tap it and you can catch it. And you should be able to see it from like… 50m away. You’re more likely to see it than hear someone that far away yelling it.

  • On one hand, what he’s doing is annoying and whatnot. On the other hand, it is kind of funny, and it wasn’t really malicious for a prank…so what’s with all the hate one way or the other?

  • Far from a , and the first guy to start running was so obviously in on the prank.

    That being said, I was in Calton Gardens (Melbourne) last Saturday night at about 7 when a Squirtle appeared at a lure. “Squirtle” shouts went out and the group of people went from about 10 to 20+.

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