Here's A 90 Second Reminder To Get Excited For No Man's Sky

The universe is bigger than you. Much, much bigger. That's the hook.

We've got just under a month until Hello Games' grand space journey, No Man's Sky, is finally available. It's due out August 10 locally, according to the pre-order listings from JB Hi-Fi and EB Games.

Everyone's been so wrapped up in Pokemon and other things that you might have forgotten how excited you were to explore — and I'm quoting now — 18 quintillion planets.

I can just see my partner and I playing this game in separate rooms every single day. I need a good space epic back in my life, although I should probably finish my playthrough of Rebel Galaxy first.


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      I always just assumed it was in the vein of minecraft/space engineers but more exploration and less building. So i kind of assume there is no real plot or reason, just something to have a drink relax and play.

      Yeah, from what I can tell, while having a massive scope is impressive, from what I have seen the gameplay itself is quite thin. While discovering things seems fun, if there's no real objective for discovering things, I personally don't think it has any lasting appeal for me...

      Or it bodes really well.

      I'm still a little optimistic. The actual game I think will be Minecraft survival mode in a seeded planet universe with a pokedex as far as I can tell. I can understand that.

      They're doing it their own way but basically how JJ.Abrams does his 'mystery box' meaning he likes to keep surprises in the product rather than spoiling all the discovery for everyone when he's allowed too.

      We all know how the game plays from IGN 1 or 2 gameplay session they did it is only the finer smaller details and story that a mystery which is fine honestly.

    I will probably buy this game only because i have no idea what it is or what its about...
    hmmmn... maybe that's actually the games 'pitch'

      Thats the worst reason I have ever heard for buying a game!

    People are going to be so disappointed in this game but not say anything because they were embarrassed they bought into the hype and what can you complain about really? If they don't tell you what you're going to be doing how can you say they lied lol its kinda genius.

    If someone thinks they have told us exactly explain to me what you'll be doing hour by hour cuz naming shit doesn't count

      It's just an open world sandbox game where you can trade & fight with different factions with an overarching goal of travelling to the centre of the universe whilst also just exploring the lore and alien cultures littered around.

      They've been really clear on that and what you do throughout. Unlike games like rust, DayZ, * some other sandbox games this has hostiles, bases, factions, & at least 1 reason to continue playing; travelling to the centre.

        Trade with who? Fight with who? They've said you're very unlikely to meet anyone and if your telling me this game will have a rich law you're definitely going to be disappointed. It just sounds like glorified notes you can turn over and look at. Dont get me started on the center thing like they are going to put a heap of content in where no one will find it.

        I hope I'm wrong but the whole thing sounds suspect asF

          1) You trade and fight with factions that are NPC's, never once said they were other players. It has always CLEARLY been stated to be NPC's by the dev's.
          2) Without a doubt the LORE(Not law) with be better than grimor cards from Destiny that required to leave the actual game to read the story so that in its favour.
          3) Regarding the centre I never once insinuated that more or extra content would be at the centre but rather that was the goal of game, the end point. If there is something there then that's cool. If not, then I don't mind, it apparently takes a couple weeks to get there anyway.

          You're applying too much hype to it, I'm keen on it from a game perspective and also a game design perspective having a randomly procedurally generated game is very cool to me.

            Argument accepted. I'm still sceptical but I hope you enjoy it regardless.

          Apparently you can upload co-ordinates of the planets you visit so other players can find them as well.

      They haven't told us exactly; they've shown us repeatedly in many many videos. Search "no man's sky sean murray interview" on youtube and there's like minimum 14 hours of videos there of him answering your exact questions over and over again and showing people gameplay videos of what you do in the game.

      Also when have people ever been hyped for a game to the point where they don't say it's bad if it's bad? See: Watch Dogs, AC Unity, Star Wars Force Unleashed II, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 (SO much hype), The Order 1886, Star Wars Battlefront, and more.

    This is gonna flop.

      It's going to sell like crack covered hotcakes wether its a waste of 6GBs or not.

        Yeap! I can't wait for it, but I imagine there are going to be a lot of people that buy this day one and are disappointed because it's not what they thought they were getting. I'll be happy with just cruising around taking photos and exploring.

    Still not sure about this one guys.

      I think it's the type of game that will alienate (no pun intended) some people. I think the kind of exploration they're going for is cool, but I get that a lot of people don't want that in a video game, or at least want that + an overarching story or whatever and I don't think that's what this game is.

        Fair point. I love a good bit of in-game exploration. I just hope each planet is interesting and unique enough.,....if not......binned.

          Yeah very legit. I'm hopeful, just because of the range of planets/creatures we saw. Each planet being it's own biome (like "this one's a forest planet, and this one's a sand planet") kind of dampened that - if one area is all I'm gonna get of a planet what's the incentive to explore the whole planet? But they've addressed that in interviews and Sean has explicitly stated that if people don't get to a planet and go "shit this is a cool planet I'm gonna explore this whole place" then they will consider that a disappointment, so I think they've tried their hardest to make them interesting enough. Regardless, I'm looking forward to finding out.

            Yeah man, I hear you. I'm totally wanting this game to be a success on all levels. It's always more inspiring seeing something like this making an impact in the gaming industry/market than a generic COD futuristic shooter.

    I think this game looks fun, I'm gonna buy the hell out of it. I think it's got a weird combo of a really unique premise (the obvious big sell of 18 quintillion planets) and the hype machine of a big studio behind it (sony) so we're used to seeing a new batman game and immediately being like "okay so the joker's gonna show up and we're gonna pound him into dust" but for this game we don't have that background knowledge that we can be like "oh it fits into THIS archetype" and so people are being cynical about it which is fine cause not everyone likes every game. I'm super psyched though, love that ambient exploration and resource gathering.

    No need to remind me to be excited, been hanging out for this game for ages. Got the feeling it's gonna suck up all my free time for a fair while.

    Just dont go to the steam forums for info. So much stupidity there that it makes me fear for the future of humanity.

    Millions of species to be discovered. But can I catch them? And collect them? And then make them fight other creatures?

    Really looking forward to this game. I quite like just aimlessly wandering around in open world games. I've spent many hours in CubeWorld!

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    When they add proper multiplayer so i can play with my family - ill look at trying it. Until then it looks like a fancy minecraft with a large unknown on what you can build and do.

    I'll be very happy once this game is released, even if it's just to stop people from going on about how uninterested they are in the game, how there's not much to do in it, and how it's going to flop.

    The 18 quintillion planets thing doesn't do much for me. I think the IDEA of there being much, much more than you'll ever see is a lot cooler than the reality.

    Once you've explored a bunch of planets and become familiar with the variations that can occur, it won't make any difference how many planets you'll never see there are, because obviously you won't see them. I'd be more impressed by a small number of extremely detailed planets.

    But whatever. It does look interesting and I hope it turns out to be great.

    I think people are skeptical about this game because, based on what we know, it's unlike anything else out there in gaming. Its the 'Interstellar' of video games so to speak, the scale is ridiculous, the visuals ominous and a bit haunting and the end game a total mystery. I bought a ps4 yesterday for Uncharted 4 and in prep for this (plus the other ridiculously good looking exclusives on the way) so it's safe to say I'm keen.

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