Here's A Pokemon Outfit For A Poke Walk

Image: Ginny DiGuiseppi

I'm starting to wonder now whether Pokemon GO might be the most cost-effective game to cosplay in 2016.

Given the intense popularity of Pokemon GO — as regular readers might be aware of by now — it's no surprise that the game is becoming an inspiration for some cosplayers. And that's what New Mexico-based cosplayer Ginny DiGuiseppi has done, recreating a blue-and-yellow themed trainer from the game.

Posting on Imgur and her Instagram account, DiGuiseppi notes that she was able to make the whole cosplay from scratch within a single weekend.

"The hat, shoes, and leggings are all modified from existing garments, but the rest is all from scratch," she wrote.

You can see more of Ginny DiGuiseppi's work on her website.

All images courtesy of Ginny DiGuiseppi



    GTA V civilian is pretty easy.

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