Here’s A Quick Guide To Magic Duels Multiplayer And Deckbuilding

Here’s A Quick Guide To Magic Duels Multiplayer And Deckbuilding

We’ve taken you through the basics of Magic Duels and provided a quick primer on beating the story mode. Now here’s a handy video guide to get the most out of multiplayer: not just the ins and outs of various modes, but also some core principles for deckbuilding.

There’s no substitute for drawing the right card at the right time, but you’ll have a lot more success if you properly craft your deck from the outset. Here’s Junglist once more, with a three minute walkthrough on general multiplayer strategy. There’s also a great guide on putting together a simple deck with starter cards that can help you cleave through Planeswalkers online.

Here’s a three minute guide to multiplayer, deckbuilding and Magic Duels strategy:


  • Two UW decks playing side by side. My teammate cast Siegecraft on my Skyhunter Skirmisher – that made it 3/5 flying double-strike – and after that it was pretty much over. A highlight was simultaneous Reprisals on two of the other team’s big creatures.

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  • Add me guys, juststu82. I’m playing with strangers now, kotaku readers are less… Strangery.

  • Throwing it out there. This last challenge sucks simply because I cannot find a game to join and have no other friends playing. I’ve sat here for twenty minutes waiting for a game along with a network error and two dropped sessions. Not sure this was what was expected.

    • Update, played several games without luck. Won a game for some strange reason the accidentally deleted the screenshot. This will be along week. Loving it though.

  • This was a hard one. You had to rely on syncing up with a stranger as I have no friends that are playing. I did sync up in a magic way. We managed to gain life while taking theirs. I was concerned when I saw them pull out Sphinx’s Tutelage twice but I knocked one with Solemn Offering. I helped my teammate transform Gideon and I transformed Pious Evangel to Wayward Disciple, I sacrificed my Bottle Soldiers, gained three life and with Wayward Disciple, took their life. Then we attacked and attacked and attacked. Victory was ours.

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  • Both opponents were running Vampire decks and luckily my teammate had an early board wipe that allowed me to set up my mill station. I did manage to get 2x Spinx’s Tutelage out on turn 3 and 5. From then on we just had to survive their evergrowing army. With enough draw power, our team was able to mill them to oblivion and ultimately win this duel. I guess it was luck that determined my random teammate, as the opponents always had the timer run out.

    CSID: 2b7b97fd6f51e03d

    • I play with to Sphinx’s Tutelage in my deck but I hate when they are pulled on me. I was playing with randoms as well but it was more fun because you have to look at their deck and anticipate them rather than actually chat with them as you play which I assume friends do.

  • Let’s fire up a new session and test our luck with a random player. Matchmaking goes smoothly and fast. Must’ve been the post-lunch timeframe. Everybody needs some CCG action to digest that third serving of assorted fried fish.

    Our team packs 60 cards control decks, and we are facing 80/90 cards deck for each opponent. Mono white player goes for a fast aggro start. The other opponent is getting stuck with land draught.

    Mono-white is packing a punch, but a turn 3 Radiant Flames and a turn 6 Awakened Planar Outburst turn the tide. Planeswalkers seal the deal for us.

    CSID: 58a0 3150 44f2 a6ab
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    • That is a close game. I lost one when we whittled them down to four points then they smashed us for sixteen.

  • I managed to convince a friend to help me out with this challenge. I ran a deck of fast small creatures and he ran bigger minions and aura buffs for me.

    Our opponents played control and destroyed or countered most of our early enchantments. Both sides had good defences and no creatures could attack without being blocked except for my two Gurmag Swiftwings. These little 1/2 flyers nibbled away for several turns and even defeated planeswalker Ob Nixilus by themselves.

    We finally got some buffs on the board along with a few extra flyers and sealed victory through nibbles!

    CSID: 7ccf 16de 5e02 3f4a

  • RGU Mill and BU Control Vs GU Mill and RG something. 5th turn I draw Talent of the Telepath. Play it and in the 7 cards find another Talent so play that and in those 7 cards find a Telling Time and Artificers Epiphany. In the 3 cards from Telling Time find a third Talent and a land. Put the Talent in hand and the Artificers draws the land for me. Play the land then cast the third Talent. Whole chain takes 21 cards out of the opponent’s deck giving us the win at the end of their next turn.

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  • The first game we lost after I missed a lethal mill with Sphinx’s Tutelage. In the second game my ally’s board wipe killed us from my Kothophed. After those false starts, I finally got a win. It was us, UB control and GW humans vs B vamps and Abzan retreats.
    We were losing almost the whole game thanks to the Retreats draining our life total but I managed to gain life using Murk Lurker on my ally’s creatures. The damage from his creatures was enough to seal the game, a turn just before Ulamog came out for our opponents.

    CSID:7803 1469 2e26 0a1f

  • Hey, quick question – my girlfriend and I both play Magic duels, when you guys say one entry does that mean we should not both post an entry?

  • I was GW renown, my partner was G/R/U ramp, and our opponents were a sphinx tutelage mill, and W/U/B enchantment. I was short of lands at first but my partner had a few control spells in hand. We were lucky that our opponents did not have many creatures, just a few large ones so they were dealt with pretty quickly. While I cast a few small creatures, our opponents chose to target them and mill my deck, which left my partner unhindered to ramp his mana pool. When my partner cast his first huge creature our opponents had no answer for it, so we attacked for the win

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  • My girlfriend and I have been looking for a game we can both enjoy online – I play magic duels and she’s played it a bit, but we didn’t realise it has 2 headed giant! We fired up the game and made a deck each, she built hers around defending me while I used Fevered Visions to grind down our opponents, worked like a charm – they couldn’t break through her defensive line in time and ended up drawing cards until their life hit 0. Had a blast, it’s great fun with a partner.
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  • Played with my partner last night, we were only going to do one game for the competition but we ended up playing more, boy and girl against the world is really fun. For this game we decided to play way more offensively, we both played red/white decks with a bit of blue in his and I put out creatures while he buffed them, and instead of defending we just tore through our opponents before they could take us down, their Eldrazi were no match against good teamwork! Screenshot below, taken at the very moment of victory.

    My customer ID is: ba49 dde4 f532 bd40

  • Look, i know im a few minutes late on getting this in. But i have just got back from a week long trip and cause i dont have an iThingy, i couldnt play while i was away.
    So if you are looking for dedication in this comp, i have flown in from the States, driven home to jump on and try to complete this challenge. A whole bunch of losses and disconnections and finally a win!!
    I cant even really remember the details!! I just know that im happy to have got a victory

    CSID: 0bdb 706d 764b 52c6

  • I was playing a 4-colour walkers deck and my teammate was using a ramp deck. We were up against a B/R sac deck and a control deck. We had a rough start as they were constantly countering our spells or stealing our creatures and sacking them, and eventually we were down to 16 health while they had almost full. However some timely draws of removal and Archangel Avacyn helped turn the tide, and with our opponents having no cards in hand, we were able to swing in and finish the game shortly after that.

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