How Not To Scam Publishers For Free Games

There are loads of kids out there who try and ask publishers for free games. Most of them are at least up-front about their pan-handling, maybe pointing to a YouTube or Twitch channel that nobody watches. But then there's this guy, who was busted trying to straight-up scam indie publisher Devolver.

I hope he actually tried to enter those codes a few times before realising.

Note that the email address "[email protected]" isn't even Devolver's actual email, which you can find by visiting the company's site; it's a very old email address you'd only find in a Google search (or at the bottom of old fake press releases).


    Used to be part of a group that ran a camp with a focus on LAN gaming. EA straight up gave us 30 keys for Battlefield 2 when asked with the proviso "Tell everyone to buy BF3" which we did before each session.

    A few other publishers were also happy to give us keys for older games. We kept track of them and made sure all games were uninstalled at the end of camp.

      Nothing wrong with that. It's when greed overcomes decency that things get hairy, like those Youtubers who endorse products for cash payments without disclosing that it's cash for comment.

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