I Don't Want To Make A Whole Thing Out Of It But I Totally Should Have Gotten Play Of The Game For This

Look, I realise that Overwatch's Play of the Game system is flawed. When it comes down to it, I'm usually just happy if my team won. But COME ON, this is some bullshit. At the very start of a match on King's Row, I took down like half the opposing team:

My team ultimately won, and who got Play of the Game? Fucking Junkrat, of COURSE, for throwing his stupid tyre into a big group of opponents at the final checkpoint. No love for me and my Reinhardt, because of course there wasn't.

Whatever. I'm not making a big thing out of it. It's fine.

It's totally fine.


    So, you killed 3 guys, not at once it wasn't even a double kill. Then a Junkrat killed more guys at once, resulting in a triple or more kill.....

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    Good job. You pinned a tracer, got the last hit on a (I think mercy?) and D.Va's Meka before killing D.va - all in the space of... too long for a PotG.

    You killed a few people nowhere near an objective, at an inconsequential point of the game. The Junkrat you mentioned apparently wiped the enemy team at the end (I assume he basically won you the match). Yeah, this isn't a case of bad system design, just you being an whiner.

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      Harsh but true.

      Take your lumps like a man, private twinkle toes.


    Just played a game (in competitive, no less) where we where struggling to get the point when I charged in at literally the last second as Winton, dropped my shield just in time to avoid dva Ult, frenzied and pushed the reinheart and junkrat back into the corridor thingy and kept them there while also keeping the turret occupied and running back onto the point to keep overtime going so we could win, literally died as the victory came up.

    POTG.... A f'ing torbjorn turret triple kill from the opposing team on the first point... (Which amounted to naught as we then took the point about 10 seconds later)...

    as a Tracer in Russia on attack I went behind enemy lines, took out a Torn and his turret on the back walkway, ran around the back of the square taking out a second Torb, ran up the stairs on the left and took out a Mercy and Bastion. All while the rest of my team was dead... and who gets play of the day one of THREE Torb killing three people, while he *sigh*was walking back from me killing him somehow

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    Hate to say it mate but you got three kills (not even a multi kill as they weren't close enough) at the first of the checkpoints near the start of the game. The junkrat probably got a multikill right at the end that actually won the game.

    Hell a match last night I had I got a team kill, wiped every single team member each with 40+ hp right before the end of the match. It put the game into instant overtime and eventually winning it. Who got POTG? A bastion that got a triple kill in the first minute :-(

    I love seeing Reinhardt gameplay where it's basically all hold left-click and hammer swing for great justice.

    No seriously, it amuses me greatly. Nearly all of my PotG's as Reinhardt have just been me swinging wildly at a stacked up team and profiting. It's fantastic.

    Probably something to do with the fact that it takes less skill than even a Bastion PotG as you basically don't even have to aim, yet Bastion's always get shit when they get a PotG.

    You think thats bad, I nuked the enemy team as mercy....as MERCY! and rezzed my entire team, and STILL didnt get potg

    The salt from both the Article, and the Comments, is making me thirsty and hungry. on that note, time for lunch.

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