Is Your Phone Compatible With Pokemon GO?

And if not, why not?

Unfortunately not all phones are created equal, and this means not all phones will run Pokemon GO. Already heartbroken fans are taking to Twitter and Facebook to express their disappointment. Is the mobile game of the year not working on your phone? Here's why.

While Google Play will tell you if you phone is or isn't compatible, it probably won't tell you why. Here's the official list of supported devices from Niantic's site:


•Android 4.4 to Android 6.0.1 (Android N will not supported until the official Android release) •Preferred resolution of 720x1280 pixels (Not optimized for tablet) •Strong internet connection (Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G) •GPS and Location Services •Intel CPUs are not supported


•iPhone 5+ •iOS 8+ •Strong internet connection (Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G) •GPS and Location Services •Jailbroken devices are not supported

If you can download the app but it doesn't run properly, make sure both your GPS and internet (whether Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G) connection is strong. If you can't play for any other reason, check the list of known issues or report your bugs to Niantic at this link.


    No, because nothing supports it any more :P

    I had an issue where it kept saying it was unable to get my location, despite the map being in the correct location. But no pokemon or pokestops would load. Turns out I had a a setting to allow mock locations turned on in my developer settings which caused the issue. Just FYI.

      Hey were you running iOS and if so, how did you fix it?

        If you do find the solution please let me know!

        @DMNTA and @BondyBoy : Sorry, I'm on Android, not iOS. I've heard that jailbroken devices have problems, but no idea other than that.

          How do i erase the jail brake so i can play, i download the app but every time i open it it goes in the loading screen and shuts down and closes to the home screen, some help!!

            There's an app called TSprotector you can grab from Cydia, it bypasses Jailbreak Detection so you can play.

            You fucked yourself over dear sir.

            if your a jailbroken user go to cydia and get TSProtector and it should work

            downlod tsprotector 8 on cydia then add pokemon go to the black list on ts protector it should work now

            Next time wait like a good boy

            Yes, same for me :-\

      I am having the exact same issue too! Do you mind sharing how to access to the developer settings to turn off the mock locations?

      Poke Lover <3

      I just tried to turn my mock location off. The game still doesn't show any pokemon or pokestops, with a pokeball keep loading at the top left :(

        Yea. I am having this issue. Using an iphone - map is in the correct location, avatar in the correct spot but pokemon and pokestops not loading.

      I am havin an exact issue. Could you mind sharing how to fix it. I am on IOS 8.3.

      i have the same problem. can you tell me exactly how you fixed it?

      I have a samsung galaxy s5 and i have the same problem. How did you fix it?? Cheers

      Same problem bro

    As usual, no Windows Phone support.

      Than stop having a fucking Windows Phone... that thing has been dead for years.

    My phone easily meets all the requirements, Yet it is not compatible. GG Niantic

      What phone?

        Motorola Mote E 2nd Gen, Funny thing is, I played in the closed beta, And the app worked fine.

          Mine "isn't compatible" either. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 on Android 5...

            If you're in the UK the app isn't compatible because it hasn't released here yet.

            My doesn't work either I have the same phone. I'm in Australia, does that make a difference?

            I have the same phone an do not have any problems check all your settings on your phone like location on your phone an your maps an turn off WiFi it works better useing 4g hope the late help works

          I have the same phone and I can't download it :(

          I read the comparability specs and the only thing the moto e 2nd gen does not have is a gyroscope probably that is why it "isn't compatible" but you can still play fine using the apk

          Exact same issue mine is a Moto E too but I don't know how to get it

          Exact same issue mine is a Moto E too but I don't know how to get it

      Same. I have a Moto E Gen2

        Asus Zenfone 2 which outclasses most Android phones up to like the galaxy 7 and Im incompatible.

          Same here, in aus and my iPhone can download but Asus Zenfone wont

          It mentioned on their website that for all the countries where the game isn't available yet, it will say on the store that your device is incompatible. It makes no sense, but oh well... Just wait until it is officially available in your country..

            I have a second gen Moto E as well, but it says it's incompatible with my device. I have friends that have already downloaded it though and they live in the same area as me. It's weird that the phones are compatible but still won't download.

          I have the same issue with this phone =´(

          Yeah i've got an Asus Zenfone 2 as well and no luck.

          Intel processor not supported

          Which is bullshit because the zenfone should be perfectly compatible

          Haha you guys re so poor i considering buying zenfone 2 laser with dedicated SNAPDRAGON CHIPSET lolll?

            But mine wont work

        Doesn't work on my Moto E 2nd Gen either.

        I have a moto X play is this compatible with Pokemon go cuz my brthday doesn't work

        Moto E Gen2 is not compatible because of the lack of a gyroscope used for AR the apk works fine on it though just don't use AR cause it won't work

          Is there a walk thru on how to get it on Samsung Galaxy moto e??? I have tried a few things but it doesn't seem to work...

          is there a walk thru for it? i have tried a few things today already and they havent worked.....

          Yeah where do you get the apk from and how do you install it onto your phone? Does anybody know how to do this? I need pokemon go now and i have a moto e 2nd gen lol

      Mine is good in all the needs to be compatible yet im getting the error "Your Device isn't compatible with this version?

    Works on my 4S


        I downloaded it from the store, opened it, it asked me for my Google login, asked for permission to know my location, asked me permission for my camera, I got to make my bland trainer, chose a Bulbasaur standing on my kitchen floor, and I flicked my pokeball at it and caught it.

        I'm not sure if I answered your question, but that's what happened.

          I have a 4S and the game crashes when I try to accept the tos.

            Mine's working fine, I even took a photo of it.


            I know dat feel bro!

            Nothing's ever made me want to upgrade my phone so much before :O

          I reckon he thinks you're talking about an iPhone 4S

            It is an iPhone 4S ... Unless someone upgraded it without me looking ...

            EDIT: One sec... Model A1387

            Yeah, it's an iPhone 4S

            Last edited 07/07/16 1:57 pm

              Ah OK I assumed your were talking about a Samsung Galaxy 4S

                Samsung s4 doesn't work with it. Requirements are 4.4 and it's literally 4.3. Sobbing.

                  It does, my S4 has android version 5.0.1, i don't see what your problem is?

                  You might be able to upgrade through your computer via an app call smart switch by samsung. That's what I had to do, however I still can't get it to log in

    is this gonna be avalable for devices with intel processors anytime soon?

    Will they ever add support for Intel CPUs? I'm using an Asus Zenfone 2, and all the other specs are high, except that it won't get over a gray screen because of Intel incompatibility. It feels like a waste of money to get this phone long time ago just to know it is not compatible with this.

      Same here. I wonder why phones with intel aren't compatible with this game. Hmmmffffff neen waiting for this game only to know that my phone isn't compatible with it. Silly intel processor.

      Same. Zenfone 2. It would be super lazy of them not to add Intel support. It's not hard to do.

    I have a samsung S6 and it is saying not compatible? HOW CAN THIS BE D:

      Same issue here. When I tried to install it anyway, I got a message saying my device wasn't compatible in my country. I assume it'll just be a matter of a little time before that's remedied.

        I sideloaded the apk on my galaxy s6 and it's running super fine

      I have a Galaxy S6 and it works fine. It might be that it isn't actually "Fully" released yet.

    I am using ASUS Zenfone 6 android version 4.4.2 and it is saying the game is not compatible with my device. Please help , I wanna play this game soooooo bad . All my friends are playing it :(

    I am having the same issue as Chris , it gets stuck at a greyish black screen :(

    Works great on my iPhone 5S! The thing is two years old now, though, so it has a habit of suddenly dropping from 80% battery to 15%... :'(

    Don't feel too devastated. It's not a real Pokemon game, its just Pokemon ingress. There are no real battles or levels (you have battlepower and battles are just from swiping and tapping with no real strategy). Nintendo were worried it would "compete"with the real Pokemon games and hence made these guys dumb this the shit down.

    Seriously though, Pokemon go is the biggest disappointment in my life, ever. All I wanted to do was quit my job and travel the world as an AR Pokemon trainer, but this isn't what this game is, it's just some promo thing for the real Pokemon games.

    Last edited 06/07/16 11:34 pm

    I have an S6 too! My friend downloaded it but idk what phone he has. the desktop app store says it's not compatible enough to download and i can't see it on the phone app store. I'm so confused and would really love to download this. I've been waiting forever.

    I have an LG G5 (6.0.1) and it's saying that it's not compatible x.x

    Can I play it I have a Samsung Galaxy s6 edge

    Last edited 07/07/16 12:13 am

    Not compatible on Intel cpu? Uninstalled and never want to download it again.
    Why did they do this on Intel CPU's Provider.

    i'm using an iPhone 4s and i cant get past the ""Niantic; The Pokemon Company" screen? Anyone else having this issue?

      I'm having the same issue!

        You guys are all crazy moto E does not work cuz of lack of ram. Moto E gen 2 only has 1GB ram and the game requires 2GB

      my phone does exact same thing and i have a samsung LG

    I have Android 5.1 but it says my device compatible?

      Same here, and it also says device incompatible...

    Why the fuck is intel not supported?

    Not compatible with my LG G2 / G4 / G5, Blue Stacks (emulating Samsung GT-I9500). @[email protected]

    Asus zenfone 2 is intel based, and intel phones are not compatible yet with this app

    My phone has all of that! And it's still not compatible ):
    It's not compatible with google cardboard either, second disappointment with this phoe

    I have a moto e 2nd gen and it says it incompatible. Well...this is going on my biggest disappointments of 2016.???

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