It's Time To Play Red Dead Redemption Again

Video: With Red Dead Redemption finally backwards compatible on the Xbox One, it's time to look back at Rockstar's Western masterpiece. A staggering example of AAA design gone horribly right, Red Dead is one hell of a game. Join me in this video for an adventure full of bounty hunters, sharpshooting and shenanigans!


    I was actually amazed at how beautiful it looks even today. Haven't played it since it's original release.

    So this video is the PS3 version?

    Really make me want a sequel on current hardware.

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      Agree on the sequel sentiment.
      I still play this regularly on my ps3 and it has only aged in the slightest. Current gen could really take this IP to some great heights indeed.

      It's coming :-)

    The beauty transcends mere game design. I also have a leather bound deck of playing cards (the same as the ones used in the game) and a fucking stunning Double LP of the Soundtrack. Truly an intellectual property that is considered Art.

    Does it look better when played on the XBOX One emulator thingo?

      Looks identical, but smoother frame rate, apparently.

    It'll be time to play RDR again when they make a PC release. I still hold hope for it some day.

    I still can't get over just how gorgeous the environment is. At times I would just stop playing just to pan around and take in the landscape.

    I would happily put down money for a remastered edition on PS4, i have never been so lost in a game as i was with RDR.

      Hear, hear

      When I crossed the boarder to Mexico the first time as the sun set and Jose Gonzalez's track started playing was one of the best of many great moments I got from RDR.

    I was kicking arse in a high stakes poker game and my dog turned off the xbone with his nose.

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