Japanese Pokemon GO Players Fall For Mewtwo Prank

This is Tsuruma Park in Nagoya, Japan. The fountain area looks like a giant Poke Ball and started attracting Pokemon GO players after a Mewtwo rumour began circulating on Twitter. [Images via LiveDoor | uzumakimadao]

As LiveDoor reports, it all started when someone on Twitter claimed Mewtwo could be found in the park.

[Image: Google Maps]

This park.

The similarities have not been lost on folks in Japan.

The rumour, of course, was total bunk. Yet, a huge number of people showed up at the park yesterday.

Many of these photos were taken after midnight. Over a thousand people reportedly were in attendance, looking for Pocket Monsters.

While there was no Mewtwo to be found, the evening wasn't a total bust. People supposedly did start finding Blastoise.

As well as, it seems, Gyarados.

Both Blastoise and Gyarados are not easy to get, so this park ended up being a good spot after all.

Here's what the park looks like today:

People are now reportedly finding Venusaur:

Damn. This isn't finding Mewtwo, but it does look like a good spot to catch Pocket Monsters.


    Ok I'll admit sometimes people are a bit harsh on the Japanese cultural coverage here...

    But frankly I can't speak Japanese. Why embed dozens of Japanese tweets on an English site? You're just making it much harder to parse.

      Why can't you speak Japanese? Aren't you cooooool???

      ...I'm not cool, I have to get my partner to read it for me...

        soz Brian, left my weeaboo card at home. please translate the tweets next time m8

        Nihongo wa totemo muzukashi desu!

        I gave it up in high school because I didn't have much of a head for languages, I mean I wish I could speak it but alas :-P

    I love pokemon go. I dont play it but the stories give me so many laughs.

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