Leon's Jacket From Resident Evil 4 Only Costs $1700

Only! For that price, you can dress like Leon from RE4 with this replica bomber jacket. [Image: Famitsu]

Capcom is asking 129,600 yen ($1715) for the leather jacket with wool lining. According to Famitsu, it will be out this November.

[Image: Famitsu]

This isn't the only pricey Resident Evil jacket Capcom has released. Previously, we saw another $US1200 ($1600) one, but that was for Resident Evil 6.

I wonder what expensive jackets Resident Evil 7 will eventually spawn.


    $1715 is how much I would need to be paid to wear this.

    I'm not sure which is worse, this or the FF15 clothing line.

    I tried on a non Resident Evil bomber jacket the other day that was $1,600 but I doubt this will be anywhere near as nice as that was

    I could've sworn they already released an RE4 Leon jacket years ago.

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