Life Is Strange Episode 1 Is Now Completely Free

Completely! Accompanying the news that the game has been ported to Mac and Linux, Life Is Strange developer DONTNOD has marked down the first episode by 100 per cent for the rest of ever.

No, er, stranger to offering freebies, DONTNOD announced on Steam yesterday that the first of Life Is Strange's five instalments is now free.

The episode was previously priced at $US4.99.

It's a pretty solid marketing move to accompany the game's new platforms. DONTNOD has even sweetened the deal by discounting the other four episodes by 25 per cent, from $US19.99 to $14.99. This offer will remain valid until July 29.

Hard to ask for a better "demo" if you're not sure if the game is right for you.

Life Is Strange Episode 1 [Steam, via RPS]


    I just remembered I own this but I never played it...........Ill get right on to that.

    It's a shame that Life is Strange makes me very motion sick :(

    Just skip Episode 5, and make up your own ending. It'll probably be better.

    so they just did what telltale have done for all their episodic games for years

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