Life Is Strange Is Being Made Into A Time-Twisting Movie

Excellent news for fans of DontNod's excellent young adult adventure game Life Is Strange — Legendary Pictures has announced that it's turning the series into a movie. The episodic adventure series followed the story of Max Caulfield, a photography student returning to her quiet coastal hometown, only to discover she has the power to re-wind time — and that the town itself is threatened not just by a mysterious figure targeting young women, but a tornado that threatens to wipe the whole town off the map in days. As Max, players were tasked with using her time powers to uncover the mysterious ongoings in the town while looking for a way to save it from certain doom.

The movie, produced by Legendary in conjunction with Life is Strange's publishers Square-Enix, will be handled by dj2 Entertainment, who recently struck a deal to bring a live-action hybrid Sonic the Hedgehog movie to life at Sony.

Life Is Strange told a surprisingly touching story (which won it several awards, including a BAFTA), and played with time travel in some clever and interesting ways — ways that would definitely be unconventional if adapted to a movie format. Hopefully it works out!

[The Hollywood Reporter]


    Please dont suck. Please dont suck. Please dont suck. Please dont suck. Please dont suck.

      Please don't suck. Please don't suck. PLEASE DON'T SUCK.

      If it does suck, they can just go back and fix it. Remember to keep that photograph taken on the first day of filming.

    They need to stop making movies from terrible games.

      Terrible how? I thoroughly enjoyed the game... although the ending was a bit softer than I thought.

      That is like... your opinion man.

      But really, a game you don't like, a "terrible" game doesn't make.

      The game was totally terrible. why would you make a story driven game with such a shitty story? Where did she get her powers? What was with that choice at the end? This game was building up to an awesome finale and it just FLOPPED! Its like they just couldn't be fucked being creative in the last chapter and wrapped things up in the laziest ways possible!

        I think you're forgetting the point of the game. Wasn't really about the destination, but the journey.

        You cant just be shoveled information like "where did she get her powers", they left it open for interpretation. The ending itself wasn't anything ground breaking, but my investment into the characters made the decision for myself a hard one (i was actually torn on what my end result should be).

        The game did what it was supposed to do. Get the Player invested in decisions and character's and tell a compelling story. Even if the ending which was narrowed down to 2 options (hard to make a game like this with a true ending created by the player decisions through the course of the story ala Mass effect 3, Tell tale games etc).

        Just because you didn't get the experience you wanted, does not make it a terrible game. Just makes it disappointing for you, and that's your opiion

          Are you kidding? they spent so much time with flashes to the future and trying to figure out what was going to happen only to have a bare-bones predictable ending? when an ending is so unsatisfactory it ruins all player investment. I didn't want to get the ending i expected, i wanted to be surprised by what happened! and the time travel origin DOES matter when you take into account that Max seemingly got powers and future vision with the ultimate right decision is to never use them in the first place! How is that open to interpretation? the only way to interpret that is that the game creators didn't actually put any thought into the powers at all!

            I will just say again. Its about the journey, not the destination.

            Things not needing to be explained is fine as i dont believe explaining max getting her powers from a mystical entity adds anything (unless nick fury cameo).

            I cared about the story, relationships and the overall mystery. Thats what should of mattered, if you were more worried about the pay off at the end, or wanting to know every little detail the game was lost on you.

              Fair enough. I got a bit sour there. You enjoyed the game for what it was and that's fair enough.

            I enjoyed the game, but as thefifthring says, there's a pretty gaping plot-hole with Max's powers and one of the choices at the end of the game.

            Personally, when I got to that point, I just stopped playing. I'd rather make up my own ending and remember enjoying the rest of the game.

      I agree, who in the right mind think that Sonic the hedgehog will be a good movie adaptation....

    I didn't bother with this game till it was release with all episodes on one disk. and ended up really enjoying the story, gameplay was simple but the story was really good.

    I'm actually kind of interested in this. It'll be hard to have a worse ending than either one of the choices in the game.

    I really think they should make it into a tv series instead of movie

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