Look At This Transformers Figure

Look At This Transformers Figure

3A toys — most recently flooring us with their Destiny efforts — have also managed to pick up the rights to make some Transformers figures. And oh boy.

There’ll be a whole series of them, each based on original G1 character designs.

For TFG1, Ashley Wood and the development team at ThreeA have gone back to the original 1980s animation models and toy lines for inspiration. Maintaining the delicate balance between these characters’ distinct appearances while restyling their designs with ThreeA’s fresh approach has been both a challenge and a delight.

The first figure, standing 41cm tall, will be Optimus Prime, who will also be sold in Ultra Magnus and Nemesis Prime variants. Preorders will kick off later this year.

No price announced, but as with most 3A toys, if you have to ask, it’s not for you.

UPDATE: Looks like there’ll be some GI Joe as well.


  • look at this transformers figure… with disappointment/scorn when you realise it doesn’t actually transform.

  • Im still waiting to be able to afford that Optimetal Optimus Prime statue. $1100 with shipping is just fucking retarded.

  • As a massive Transformers fan, G1+, I personally do not like this figure. Not only because it doesn’t transform, but particularly I hate the look of his chest. Why do the windows have slant like that… Anyway, I’m sure some will love it so hooray for them.

  • What’s with the stripper pose in the last picture is what I want to know.

    Optimus Mike XXXXXXXL.

    • Optimus Prime was always willing to go that extra step to defeat the Decepticons.

  • As much as I love Ashley Wood’s work, if it doesn’t transform, I ain’t interested.

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