Madden's Greatest Highlight Player Retired From The NFL Today

In 2010, a guy by the name of Demetry James uploaded a video he made while he and some buddies were playing Madden. It went on to become the most famous highlight clip that video game series has ever seen.

The clip featured a heroic effort by Green Bay receiver Greg Jennings, who went 90.53m for a TD with a broken leg.

Well, it's a sad day in Madden fandom today, because Greg Jennings has announced his retirement from the game. Not the Madden game, the actual game, in the NFL, in real life.

He'll be remembered by Packers fans as a solid, dependable receiver, who in his 7 years at Green Bay (he's retiring a Dolphin, having moved to Miami for the 2015 season from Minnesota) hit 1000 receiving yards three times, including the team's 2010 Super Bowl run.

He'll be remembered by us, though, as the guy who put the team on his back.

As for Darren Sharper, the other notable player featured in the clip, well, things haven't worked out quite so fondly.


    My brother and I were in New York and had our photo put up on a big billboard in times square. It asked us to provide a quote with our names.

    We wrote "Cross the Plane."

    I'm sure 100% of people did not understand the reference.

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